About SCT

Decidedly off the beaten path, Stray Cat is indie theatre at its best: quirky, edgy and irreverent. Stray Cat Theatre scratches the Valley's itch for a visceral, provocative theatre experience for culture-savvy cats who crave something beyond the standard kitty chow.

Consistent with our mission, Stray Cat is committed to:

  1. Aggressively seeking out and showcasing the most vital contemporary material.
  2. Cultivating the next generation of theatre artists in the Valley.
  3. Constantly exploring theatrical possibility – what the live theatre is uniquely capable of.
  4. Striving to produce and/or develop original, unpublished work.
  5. Fostering a creative incubator – a free-radical environment dedicated to risk-taking where artists can find a home to do consistently fascinating things.
  6. Provoking, challenging and jolting our audiences out of conventional responses – sparking them to look at the live theatre experience through a fresher lens.

Stray Cat Theatre is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

History of Past Productions

If you are interested in helping us backstage, are a designer looking for an alley to play, maybe even just looking to join our corps of ushers - email info@straycattheatre.org
Interested in being considered for our Board of Directors? email board@straycattheatre.org