Talkin' Broadway Review

Thursday, December 19, 2013
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The Stray Cat Theatre is presenting the Arizona premiere of Zach Braff's first play All New People. Braff, star of the television show "Scrubs" and the award winning filmmaker of Garden State, has crafted a well written comedy with characters that are well formed and an ending that pays off.

...Braff has come up with four characters that we are interested in finding out more about and he has written some big R-rated laughs as well. I was happily surprised that the play, just like Garden State, has nothing to do with Hollywood and, with the exception of Kim who is an aspiring singer, none of the characters has anything to do with the entertainment industry. Unlike many recent plays that don't have well-formed endings, or ones where the audience is left to determine what ultimately happens to the characters, Braff has written a lovely and touching ending that nicely offsets some of the more zany moments of the play.

Farber's direction allows the play to unfold nicely with adept pacing that mirrors Braff's writing and lets us slowly learn about the characters. He easily handles the comical moments and the dramatic ones as well.

With many laugh out loud moments, a cast that more than delivers on the comic and touching scenes, and nicely paced direction, the Stray Cat Theatre's Arizona premiere of All New People is a winner for anyone seeking a grown up comedy with heart.