Social Media Buzz for YEAR OF THE ROOSTER (updated 12.22.14)

Sunday, December 21, 2014
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(Even if the initials are the same, each quote is from a different patron...)

"Year of the Rooster at Stray Cat Theatre is INTENSE! And hilarious. And you should probably see it...some fierce performances going on!" - JF

"why is stray cat theater ALWAYS so impressive?? excellent, hilarious work you guys! the cock fight. my god, the cock fight. Ron May Louis Farber Katie McFadzen Austin Kiehle y'all rock hard." - CW

"It is an amazing show! Thoroughly enjoyed it last night! - MT

"Don't miss it! Great performances, all!" - PS

"It was an amazing show Friday. And I love the name Bat-Dolphin." - LP

"So glad I made it last night!!! LOVED the show!! Thought everyone did an excellent job!!! Wish I can send others over to see it!!!! - TS

"Such a great show, the best one I've seen all year! Thank you to the talented cast and crew! Superb directing, pacing, acting, design, everything. Loved it!" - JS

"I have to say that this is one of those theatre experiences where I came out asking, "WHO WROTE THAT!?!" Because the script itself is a work of art in its own right: insightful - cutting - rich. How you decide WHAT to produce is still one of the great magic mysteries of my involvement in producing theatre. In this case you picked a real winner - and the Stray Cat production delivered on it tremendously. Thanks for such a fulfilling theatre experience!" - ML

"Guys. Do yourselves a favor and get tickets to Year of The Rooster at Stray Cat Theatre. You won't be disappointed. The acting, the direction, the set...all phenomenal. Seriously, just go see it." - KD

"just saw the Year of the Rooster at Stray Cat. Tremendous performances. Ron May, Louis Farber, Gabriela Osiris Cuen, Katie McFadzen, and Austin Kiehle, all pretty damn brilliant. Don't miss it!" - CD

"By a stroke of luck I was able to see Year of the Rooster last night at Stray Cat Theatre. You need to see this play. Ron and Louis absolutely kill it, portraying the most believable characters through crisp, bitingly hilarious exchanges. Not to mention the story is so unique and has something for everyone in terms of relating to the characters or finding a meaningful message in life. With superb actors and direction, incredibly smooth transitions, and an ambience that puts you right in the heart of Oklahoma, this is not a show you want to miss. Plus cocks. Lots of cocks and fighting. It's fucking amazing." - AC

"Ron May Louis Farber Ron May Louis Farber Ron May Louis Farber Ron May Louis Farber Ron May Louis Farber. And the Rooster. Year of The Rooster Stray Cat. So. So. SO! Good." - HH

"I was a very "lucky lady" tonight because I was able to see Ron May and Louis Farber work it in Year of the Rooster!! This is a must see production. Go for the epic fight scene and stay for all the talent Stray Cat Theatre has to offer." - DC

"Great performances all around...Plus, this show features my favorite stage combat sequence in years." - TS

"The show is amazing from start to finish! Beautiful character work by each and every actor (Ron May, Louis Farber, Katie McFadzen, Austin and Osiris). Perfect set by Eric Beeck! Costumes by Daniel Chihuahua are also perfection! Who would ever have predicted I would enjoy a play about cock fighting? Well, I also loved last year's wrestling play, so I have learned to trust the Stray Kitties! Have a marvelous run!" - SSJ

YEAR OF THE ROOSTER at Stray Cat Theatre is incredible! LAUGH OUT LOUD funny and DEEPLY thought provoking. As expected, Ron was AMAZING. Such a joy to see him perform...and Austin... Austin Austin Austin. Blew my mind good! And WHEN is this town going to wake up and realize Eric Beeck is THE FUCKIN' DEAL?!? Anyway, ROOSTER is completely and totally ALL THAT! Go. Fucking. See it. - DD

"Year of the Rooster at Stray Cat Theatre was a twisted, hilarious, daring triumph. From the opening notes to the final monologue, I was riveted. It's a show full of belly laughs and foul language, electric dialogue and unexpectedly accurate insight into the psychology of chickens. Ron May vibrates with barely restrained intensity as a put-upon underdog with dreams of greatness. His nemesis could only have been played by the always crazy-awesome Louis Farber, whose booming presence fills the stage and the audience with every curse and spit. The titular rooster is embodied by Austin Kiehle, who fights and slashes and screams like a madman that we just can't help but root for. The cast is rounded out by Osiris Cuen (the protagonist's co-worker with a hilarious chip on her shoulder and a decidedly family-unfriendly approach to a childhood dream) and Katie McFadzen (his insanely out-of-touch mother, sporting a different beauty-school experiment gone awry in every scene). I laughed and gasped my way through every moment. Every aspect of the production (masterful direction by Michael Peck and a gorgeous set by Eric Beeck deserve special mention) came together into a seamless, entertaining, inappropriate story about the search for meaning in the ugliest of places. See this play, people. It's not to be missed." - ET

"Guys. Do yourselves a favor and go see Year of the Rooster at Stray Cat. Seriously, holy fucking shit. Blown away. Hats off to the entire cast & crew." - JG

"Hey, I'm not sure what you are in to, but if want an evening of brilliant and hilarious performances, insight to a fascinating subculture, and a surprisingly depressing and relatable ending, then you should check out Stray Cat's Year of the Rooster tonight. Seriously." - WH

"Ok, well if YOU want your very own shot of raw adrenaline coupled with amazing performances, get your ass to Stray Cat Theatre for YEAR OF THE ROOSTER." - AK

"Year of the Rooster at Stray Cat Theatre...was phenomenal and cathartic!" - JS

"Saw "Year of the Rooster" tonight at Stray Cat......wonderful show....DO NOT MISS!!!!" - WP

"Took a moment to see Stray Cat Theatre's Year of the Rooster. See it! It's amazingly funny." - RH

"Congrats to everyone at Stray Cat on Year of the Rooster! A fun, crazy ride! Ron May, Louis Farber, Michael Peck, Katie McFadzen, Gabriela Osiris Cuen, Austin Kiehle, and the rest of the team, thank you for your great work!" - DH

"There are some companies out there that just always seem to know how to make really interesting, provocative, and entertaining theatre. Stray Cat, for me, is one of them. Check out their current show, Year of the Rooster, now through the 20th." - ES

"Year of the Rooster at Stray Cat is a kick ass ride with a cock fight that blew my mind. Seriously, if you dig bizarre stories and sometimes wonder who exactly it is you are, go see this show. In fact, just do it, because Austin Kiehle's embodiment of Ody is fearless and fascinating." - AH

"Wonderful job last night by the cast of Stray Cat's Year of the Rooster!! I had great time!! Go and see it folks!! You will not be disappointed!" - BS

"Year of the Rooster was brilliant!" - BS

"What an amazing show! It was great to see, hear, and witness this amazing production from this company! Thank you for putting such amazing shows on stage for all of us to experience." - JT

"We (husband and I) thoroughly enjoyed this play. We try to see everything this theater does and have NEVER BEEN disappointed!!! Great acting, great sets, and most of all great stories. Do not miss this one!!!!" - NF

"Year of the Rooster. Just f*** yeah. See it before it's gone!! Playing until the 20th!!" - JS

"As always, top notch theater! Kudos to the cast, crew and director!" - JW

"Excellent excellent show all around." - HC

"Go see Stray Cat Theatre's Year of the Rooster. Ron May, Katie McFadzen and the rest of the cast are fantastic. Congrats!" - CR

"A wild and crazy off-the-wall show. Great dialog and acting." - FJ

"As always, Stray Cat Theater provided a terrific experience. Great acting, outstanding visuals and a provocative script! Highly recommended!" - goldstar

"I attended Year of the Rooster last night. I probably could have gushed before it even started. You've heard by now it's a must see. Add me to its praise wagon. Genius performances but the most genius is "where do they find these %รท$@ plays?" The play hunting and recognizing the play's potential off the page is wow. Keep. them. coming." - TS

"Man I love Stray Cat Theatre! Every show, every time! Really, really enjoyed 'Year of the Rooster'. Great job Michael Peck! So much laughing!! Ron May, Louis Farber, Austin Kiehle, Katie McFadzen and Osiris Cuen.. Thanks for your wonderful performances and making my Sunday such a Funday! Phoenix friends, the show runs through 12/20. You don't want to miss it!" - DH

a freakin' spectacular show! - VK

"Terrific production! Ron May is as good on stage as he is when directing. Outstanding cast. Austin Kiehle played a rooster with verve and intensity. And the cock fight was so well-done we feared for their very lives! Michael Peck did an exceptional job as director. Louis Farber, Katie McFadsen & Osiris Cuen--all were excellent!" - BO

"So much fun this afternoon watching the stray cats do their rooster thing. Adding my voice to the roar of accolades...freaky and funny and fierce... Congratulations, Louis Farber, Ron May and your wonderful cast, crew, designers, and support systems." - BJF

"Today I got a special treat--instead of having one spouse work at the theatre and the other spouse do the parenting, (or, as is more often the case, both spouses do the theatre-making and one of us doubles up on the parenting as well) I got to go to the and audience member...with my spousewife. And thank the f***ing lord it was a Stray Cat show, because those are good. Great job, everyone, with Year of the Rooster, because, hell of a play, and hell of a production. Good stuff." - BF

"Guys, it's half time at Stray Cat's Year of the Rooster, and I am having entirely too much fun. Thank goodness there is another half! - JH

"It is a rare treat in Phoenix to see Ron May on stage. And I LOVE IT." - AS

Good theatre makes us rethink the world. Great theatre makes us rethink ourselves in that world. Stray Cat Theatre's production of Year of the Rooster is great theatre. Wow! Get to a performance before the run ends next Saturday." - KW

"We thought what the heck...Everything we have seen by Stray Cat has been at the very least, interesting...Sometimes a little twisted but if you step outside the box & untwist your undies, IT'S ALL FUN!!! This play was full of innuendo & the actors did a great job. Austin Kiehle is fantastic as Odysseus Rex. Osiri Cuen is hilarious as Lucky Lady...You've heard 4 letter words even if you live in Scottsdale. Just go see it... Cheers." - goldstar