Social Media buzz for SONS OF THE PROPHET (updated 3.2.13)

Friday, March 1, 2013
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"Congratulations on the striking performances and a stunning production of Sons of the Prophet. I attended last Friday and was enthralled by the good work that was happening onstage. I have to admit that you all made me a bit homesick for Chicago where I so relished the diversity of that theatre community and the emphasis on great material and innovative staging. Thank you for reminding me that Phoenix has its own Chicago-style theatre in the form of Stray Cat." -RS

"We had difficulty finding the theatre and were late because we went to the wrong theatre (note - Tempe Arts Center is different from Tempe Performing Arts Center). Once we were seated, though, we were thoroughly enraptured with the performance. One hour and 45 minute, no intermission, performance went by amazingly fast. A great play, terrific acting and a marvelous night out." - goldstar

"Sons of the Prophet was wonderful. Sharp, tight, honest, connected, and athletic. Loved it." - WH

"I had the pleasure of seeing "Sons of the Prophet" at Stray Cat Theatre. Kudos to Ron May, cast and crew on this fine production. Intriguing, engaging, and well-crafted." - DR

"Was deeply moved by Sons of the Prophet tonight at Stray Cat Theatre. A powerful story that hit close to home. Beautiful, beautiful show. Congrats to all involved!" - KH

"Congratulations Sons of the Prophet cast and crew. Beautiful script, amazing cast, amazing direction. Thank you." - EB

"Ron, cast and crew, please accept our thank you for producing such a FANTASTIC work of art for us to enjoy. This is in the top 2 or 3 plays we have seen this season! Kudos to all!" - JB

"Sons of the Prophet was an outstanding production! An excellent script, talented actors and beautiful direction made for a terrific evening of theatre. We loved it!" - BO

"Saw the excellent Sons Of The Prophet tonite at Stray Cat Theatre. Amazing show, one of the best I've seen. It runs 2 more nights- catch it!" - MM

"Saw Son's of the Prophet last night. Once again, it was a terrific production. A great play with some excellent acting. I don't understand why the house isn't packed every night. I tell people about you." - BW

"If you haven't seen sons of the prophet, Hurry!! go and see it, its funny, inspiring and demands attention." - AP

"I want to express a HUGE hats off to Stray Cat and Ron May for the amazing show that is Sons of the Prophet. I go to see a fair amount of theatre, and I just like to say that it may have been one of the best shows I've ever seen. THAT'S how good it is. The writing is phenomenal, and the performances are pitch perfect...THIS is what theatre is meant to be and what I would grieve if it all went away. Get your tix NOW - cause it's the last weekend..." - DS

"Superb." - KW

"Congrats on Sons of the Prophet. Great night of theatre!" -DH

"Had the extreme pleasure to see "Sons of the Prophet" at Stray Cat yesterday. I always love the SC experience, but I have to say, this one was special. Fabulous script, beautifully staged and brilliantly acted. GO SEE! One more weekend." - JW

"Do yourself a favor and see one of the best shows I've ever seen. Sons of the Prophet at Stray Cat Theatre. Absolutely. Incredible." - JK

"Go see Sons of the Prophet at Stray Cat in Tempe. It's uh-mazing." - KC

"Stray Cat's Sons of the Prophet is fabulous. I ached for Ian Christiansen's character as his world unraveled, but laughed anyway, feeling guilty the entire time. Brilliant performances by Ian, Maxx Carlisle-King, Shari Watts -- wow! Getting a big old dose of wonderful at Stray Cat is sinfully affordable, so you have NO excuse. Make your plans to go NOW." - PFL

"Sons of the Prophet at Stray Cat theatre it's a must see. Don't wait. Go now and see it. It's amazing." - KCC

"Sons of the Prophet at Stray Cat Theatre is everything I could ask for in a piece of theatre. Everything. It is extraordinary. Go see it." - AH

"Sons of the Prophet at Stray Cat Theatre is simply awesome. Congrats to Ron May and the wonderful cast for putting together such a fantastic show. Lots of theatre out right now but please don't miss this show!" - DW

"Sons of the Prophet is a phenomenal show that I can't stop thinking about. every single actor, every single moment, is kind of perfection. I hope you sell out your run, cause you all seriously deserve to. thank you for the remarkable performance." - CW

"Go see Sons of the Prophet at Stray Cat Theatre! It is an amazing piece. Worth every penny of the ticket price!!!" - JC

"SONS OF THE PROPHET is great! the performances are marvelous and the actors deftly balance the hardship with the hilarious. a visible labor of love for ron may who once again captures the essence of every moment with his amazing eye for detail. from beginning to end it's an emotional roller coster like the space mountain of suffering. did i mention that it is great? because it is." - LF

"You should go see Sons of the Prophet at Stray Cat Theatre. It's all kinds of amazing. All. Kinds." - TS

"Friends, go see Sons of the Prophet. Seriously. Amazing." - BB

"Powerful, Raw, Emotional." - TP

"Was blown away by Sons of the Prophet at Stray Cat Theatre today. Amazingly acted, brilliantly directed, and just all-around incredible. Please make sure to catch this show!" - JF

"I loved it! Seriously so touching! Everyone was amazing!" - AP

"HOLY CHRIST - what an amazing show!!! Bravo to the cast and to Ron - this was incredible!!!" - DB

"...another superior production! Sons of the Prophet was outstanding. You continue to amaze!" - JD


"Loved Sons of The Prophet. Great job everyone." - CR

"The actors were great. We enjoyed this play and look forward to seeing more in the future." - KT

"The actors were wonderful. I enjoyed all the funny parts, as well as the deep meanings in the show. I liked it so much with a friend, that I'm taking another friend on the 21st!!! Going to see if another friend can go. Special cast, Special thought provoking story. More, More." - goldstar

"Bravo to Ron May for his direction of this play! An excellent cast, with Shari Watts as a manic boss tearing up the stage, she was great. 11th grader Maxx Carlisle-King really connected with the audience with his humor and pathos. I haven't been to this venue for a few years, and it is very convenient and pleasant. I recommend this play." - goldstar

"All I have to say is SONS OF THE PROPHET at Stray Cat Theatre. Do it. I haven't scream-laughed in so long. Entire cast is hilarious, smart, quick with their words and the one-liners are endless. Congratulations to my friend, Ron May on another fantastic show." - OZ

"Sons of the Prophet at Stray Cat was wonderfully acted and directed. A great evening of thoughtful theater. Congrats, Kitties!" - PS

"Had a great time at Sons of the Prophet! Great show! Excellent cast! Catch it while you can." - DH

"Saw it last night...It was amazing!" - SD

"I spoke with a few of today's audience members after the show and we all agreed on this: We were with all of you, got lost and forgot we were in a theatre. Thank You for that." - PB

"Sons of the Prophet is amazing. Go." - CP

"Big props to Stray Cat Theatre for another great production. I had the pleasure of seeing Sons of the Prophet today. It was a vibrant, funny, poignant, well-done piece of work with solid performances all around. I have consistently found Ian Christiansen mesmerizing to watch on stage and this time was no different. This coming weekend will be your last chance to see it. Check it out!" - ET

"Just saw 'Sons of the Prohet' at Straycat. Brilliant. The final scene with Suze St John is simply beautiful." - SS

"Arizona people! Go see SONS OF THE PROPHET at Stray Cat Theatre! Its all the way wonderful! Seriously. Get tickets!" - AK

"I saw Sons of the Prophet last night and I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it; it's a marvelous, literate script, given a fine production. Thank you for producing it." - CS

"In Tempe? Go see Sons of the Prophet. It will make you cry in the best possible way." - GP

"I mean. Damn. Sons of the Prophet rocked my mutha f-ing world." - IW

"This was a really touching show. It's funny, poignant, and deep. It's a little off the beaten path, which is Stray Cat's thing, and they do it well. All the actors were really committed, really believable. The emotion in the room the entire show was just breathtaking. Totally great show!" - goldstar