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Sunday, May 20, 2018
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"See. This. Show. This weekend!! The last weekend of a Do-Not-Miss musical. Superbly directed, and filled with talented performances. As an actor and artist, I am not big on musicals. This production is different, I would come smell it again. If you liked the film, you will eat this show up! Yes fat ladies and gentlemen, I have found a musical I can sing. I CAN SING (and ef me) AGAIN!! ...Seeing this show will look good on you. A size 14 show you can put in the basket. really, this is a great show. See it." - SDS

"Had a great time at Stray Cat Theatre with some lovely people tonight at SILENCE! The Musical. So much talent, so much fun. Closing this weekend, don’t miss it!" - HS

"Silence! The Musical at Stray Cat Theatre returns tonight for its closing weekend! It’s fun, ridiculous, and has memorable performances. I LOVE the film and predicted some moments, but it was the (many) moments I didn’t see coming that had me laughing till I was in tears." - JP

"SILENCE! The musical. The funniest show I've seen all season. Tight and packed full of nuance. Directed by Louis Farber. Go see it!" - TLM

"I still haven't been able to catch my breath from last night.  I even whispered to (my friend) during the show that I peed my pants from laughing so hard." - NT

"Nothing like laughing to the point of tears for 90 minutes straight with friends. Silence! The Musical was fantastic." - PD

This evening I also had the opportunity to catch Silence! The musical. It was so freaking funny my face melted off, or was it cut off?? I dunno, but either way it was amazing. The cast, crew, and production team slayed this hilarious piece of theatre. Honestly, it just reinforced why I think Stray Cat is the best theatre in town... or maybe ever??" - DN

"Silence!  The Musical. What in the amazing holy hell did I just watch. People. You have two more days to see this. Do it.  DO. IT. I was shaking giggling for 90 straight minutes. It was amazing." - JT

"We got to see it in NYC also. This production was as good if not better I thought." - JV

"I haven’t laughed like that in a long time! Last weekend to see Silence: The Musical at Stray Cat Theatre at Tempe Center for the Arts!!! Such incredible talent on that stage! Still reeling... and trying to get one song out of my head before dealing with my fourteen year olds tomorrow!" - JR

"Silence was so funny!!  Everyone involved was amazing!!!!!  You must go!!!!  I love Stray Cat Theatre!!!" - AM

"You have only 2 more dances to see Stray Cats' "Silence the Musical" You will be sorry if you miss it. Trust. But be prepared to lose a lung...cause you're gonna laugh one up! Oh, and enjoy the unexpectedly fantastic vocals and spot on characterizations....and the brilliant direction. Just. Go. I give it 10 out of 10 moths!" - PS 

"Now THAT is how you satirize The Silence Of The Lambs!!! What a great show with an even greater cast. So glad I caught it. I was laughing my face off! Unfortunately for Hannibal Lecter, I don't mean that literally. What a fantastic show! Brilliant!" - DW

“SILENCE” the musical was hands down the funniest show I have seen in a long time. We laughed so hard. Go see this show. Congratulations to Ron May Louis Farber Nicole L Olson Vinny Chavez Brooke Unverferth Amanda Keegan and all the other lambs..." - CW

"You’re gonna lose a rib from laughing. Too good. I’m gonna try and see it again before closing." - BW

"Brilliant, hysterical... buy a plane ticket and come watch this show." - JH

"We saw Stray Cat’s production of “Silence! The Musical” this afternoon It is an exuberantly gross and unauthorized spoof of “The Silence of the Lambs.” It was originally a novel by Thomas Harris and then a 1991 movie starring Jodie Foster as the rookie FBI agent Clarice Starling and Anthony Hopkins as the brilliant but insane cannibal, Dr. Hannibal Lecter. The dialogue is smart and the songs are guaranteed to shock. In the Stray Cat production, Brandi Bigley played Clarice with a lisp and great skill. Scott Schmelder was a terrific Lecter with a sensational voice. The creative and sure hand of Louis Farber directed an extremely talented cast. It was a great way to celebrate Mother's Day." - BO 

"I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time!! So much fun!" - SJB

"So this past weekend we had the great fortune to witness brilliance once again at Stray Cat Theatre. If you have the chance (and you have until this Saturday before it closes) you MUST go see this excellent musical comedy rendition of Silence of the Lambs! Scott Schmelder plays the lead with an AMAZING cast alongside him with exceptional direction from Louis Farber! Get there - you will laugh your ass off!" - MH

"Excellent, funny, witty, cutting edge. Very talented cast!" - goldstar review

"absolutely hilarious!" - goldstar review

"My family absolutely loved it!" - goldstar review

"It. Was. Fabulous. SO FUNNY! Scott Schmelder is beyond... and so is the rest of the cast who perfectly executed this hysterically funny and nuanced musical ..." - RM

"Sweet Baby Jesus. I know I recommend a lot of theatre, but this was probably the most just outright FUN I've had at an Arizona production since Wonderland Wives. If I'm saying this about a MUSICAL (since most of you know how I feel about even very good musicals, as a form), you know that's saying something. To all of you in PHX...if you have other plans, shift them around and make time to catch this. It's gloriously cast and brilliantly funny. Hats off, as always, to all the kittens at Stray Cat Theatre for pulling off utter brilliance, once again." - RM

"Saw Silence of the Lambs: The Musical last night at Stray Cat. Laughed until I CRIED.  Louis Farber did such an amazing job with this show, I don't know what to say other than SEE IT.  It's hilarious, outrageous, completely wrong for all the right reasons and the performances are UNIVERSALLY spot on. Huge call out to Brandi Bigley for her amazing impersonations of real people (is this the same woman who played a pitch perfect Katie Holmes?).  Cassie Chilton is HILARIOUS in all of her roles...Hector Coris, omg...and Scott Schmedler?  Just go see it.  You won't be sorry and in fact, if you're having a bad day or week, this will make you feel much better. might want to wear Depends. One more weekend.  HUGE Congrats Ron May!!" - DNS

"ok I saw Silence! The Musical at Stray Cat Theatre last night and while I know everyone and they mom has already commented about it, I wanted to add a comment... 
jesus CHRIST is this show funny. like GENUINELY funny. and clever, and acted and sung really fucking well. and people PLAY the lambs, which just sold me on the whole thing instantly. and if you, like me, are kind of a nut job and know the silence of the lambs movie backwards and forwards, you will especially laugh your guts out. like so funny that I want to tell you what the funniest moments were but I don’t wanna spoil it cause it’s TOO funny...please sell out their houses." - CW

"I must say, I laughed so hard I thought I was gonna bust a lung...again! Love and kudos to all...especially my dear Scott Schmelder, whose performance was more intoxicating than a nice Chianti!" - BS

"90 minutes of total, brilliant hilarity at Stray Cat Theatre! “Put the poodle in the basket,” we said to (our dog) when we got home, and he jumped in the air. He would have loved the show too!" - SH

"That was fantastic!!" - TC

"Oh my gawd. Go see "Silence! The Musical" at Stray Cat. Freaking hysterical. The entire cast kills to speak." - PR

"Do you ever wish that the movie Silence of the Lambs was a comedic musical?! Well then get yourshelf over to see Stray Cat Theatre’s Silence! The Musical!!" - JF

"absolutly hilarious. Non stop laughter. Buffalo bill was a riot. I"ll be singing Katherine, Katerine, Kath-a-rine for days. Go see this play at Stray Cat Theatre!!!" - DF

"Stray Cat Theatre has done it again! Silence! is so irreverent and funny and beautifully performed and directed that I hurt from laughing. Congrats to Ron May, Louis Farber, Brooke Unverferth, Scott Schmelder (I will never get the image of you singing “If I could smell her c***” out of my head), Brandi Bigley (best damned Jodie Foster impression ever), Cassie Chilton, and the rest of the marvelous cast and crew!" - KB

"Outrageous. Hilarious. Well done kitties. Or lambies." - JW

"My face hurts from laughing so much. Don’t miss this show. Seriously. You’ll hate yourself if you do, so go online and buy a ticket. Now."  - BAJ

"OK y’all...... Silence! The Musical is an absolute MUST SEE!!!!!! Such a great time tonight! Congrats to Louis Farber and the entire Stray Cat cast and crew! Had to hold my crotch to keep from peeing myself!!!! Fantastic!!!!" - EWD

"If you're in the Phoenix area and want an hour and a half of non-stop laughter, go see Stray Cat Theatre's production of Silence! The Musical! I admittedly haven't even seen the movie and thought it was hilarious!" - TS

"SILENCE THE MUSICAL. STRAY CAT. FILTHY AND FUNNY.  Pulls no punches. Takes no prisoners. Be scared. Be very scared." - DB

"I haven’t shtopped talking like Clarish shince I shaw Silence! The Musical tonight. I shushpect I’ll keep thish up for awhile! Great job casht!" - AJ

"Saw this last night. I HIGHLY recommend you see it. I cried all of my makeup off from laughing. And if you haven't seen the film (unimaginable but OK), watch it before you go because it will make seeing this even more hysterically funny. Yay, Stray Cat Theatre! Yay, director Louis Farber! Yay, Cassie Chilton and Vinny Chavez and the rest of the fabulous cast! #supportlocaltheatre #drlecterdrlecterdrlecter" - KM

"Congratulations to Louis Farber and Stray Cat for the wildly irreverent romp that is "Silence, The Musical".  Oh my gosh!  Great job cast and crew!" - CM

"So like. Everyone needs to see Silence! the Musical at Stray Cat Theatre. I saw it last night and this morning I was all “yo, why my chest hurt?” And it’s because I laughed so hard I might have displaced a rib. Please. Don’t miss this musical. I don’t care if you “don’t like musicals” watch this one." - CB

"Silence! The Musical is 100% inappropriate in 100% the best possible way. I laughed myself hoarse, if that tells you anything." - KF

"RUN, do not walk. One of the best things I've seen in a LONG time! "Sliding off of our chairs/can't breathe" laughing. Louis Farber directs this piece within an INCH of its life, stellar performances by Scott Schmelder, Cassie Chilton Brandi Bigley Vinny Chavez Hector Coris David Chorley, and the entire cast.  Congrats Ron May Amanda Keegan Michael Peck Brooke Unverferth and Stray Cat Theatre for an amazing evening...I really think we might see this again!" - DB

"Seriously. Hilarious show, so well done!!!" - JG

"Guilty laughing, like when you're laughing at something really hard because it is so freaking funny, but a small part of you is saying, you shouldn't be laughing at this, which of course makes you laugh harder." - BT

"What a fun show. If you haven't seen it, get a ticket. If you have seen it, get another. It's that good!" - VM

"We are definitely going to see it again! It is so funny!" - DD

"Had the immense, somewhat twisted pleasure of catching the preview show of Silence! The Musical last night and it was an absolute ruckus in that theater. The audience was literally screaming and howling because these people are so damn funny. Seriously an unforgettable theater-going experience. Louis Farber and his cast did the damn thing. Do not miss this show. Get tickets now. Seriously. Click the link, get your tickets, thank me later." - AK

"Before I close my eyes for the day, I have to say that my birthday gift from my hub and his mom was great. We attended (last night) opening night of "Silence" (a very different rendition of Silence of the Lambs -- lots of shocking language, etc) at Tempe Center for the Arts (TCA). Hilarious! I've seen tons of plays (many Stray Cat Theater productions - always fabulous) but this one had me in stitches from start to finish. Great work, Ron May and company. Keep it coming. Even the live, background music was flawless." - LM

"So much fun! Go see this show! Bravo Ron May, Louis Farber, and Brooke Unverferth!" - MD

"Go see Silence the Musical at Stray Cat Theatre.  It's worth the night terrors you're gonna have after." - DS

"Congratulations to Louis, Cassie, Brandi, Vinny, Scott, David, Hector, and the whole cast & crew of “Silence!” Such a GREAT time! My cheeks hurt from laughing!!! Don’t miss it!" - HF

"Do yourself a favor and go see Silence! The Musical. Don’t walk, RUN!" - LAM

I'm still tired today from laughing at Stray Cat Theatre's opening of Silence! the Musical. The casting is spot on, the script is hysterical, the direction is innovative, and the music kicks ass. GO. SEE. THIS. SHOW." - ET

"Saw “Silence! The Musical” this afternoon. Fabulously done parody with many laugh out loud moments (and you ALL know how I love to LOL!) Excited to see it again with...some more friends in a couple weeks." - KE

"My face hurt on Saturday. The show on Friday was AWESOME." - CF

"I am still in pain from laughing of Friday night! Congrats to you all on such a fantastic show!" - DR

"I just saw this amazing, ridiculous show and I totally recommend it. Scott Schmelder and the whole cast are hilarious and it is full frontal campy goodness!" - NM

"Great cast all around. A truly successful end to your season. Looking forward to next year!" - GG

"Silence! was fantastic!! My friends and I loved it." - ER

"I saw this opening night and I cant remember the last time I laughed as hard as I did. Silence was amazing with such a talented cast including Hector Coris, David Chorley, Vinny Chavez, and Ayanna Le Andre. GO SEE THIS SHOW. Unless you're young or sensitive or easily offended or hate murder or disapprove of skinning people or lambs." - NG