SOCIAL MEDIA BUZZ for PUNKPLAY - updated 9.24.12

Sunday, September 23, 2012
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"Jean Creaming Good" - CL

"GREAT SHOW!! Great Opening Night at Stray Cat last night! Congrats to Michael Peck and the tremendous cast and crew! punk rules!" - CM

"What an awesome show last night. The cast an crew did an amazing job putting on a very funny show! And you're right, I will never look at Ronald Reagan the same way again! Haha!" - JT

"punkplay was so great. A really fun, fast paced show. The performances are some of the best I've seen from these talented actors. I loved it!" - SW

"Went to punkplay at Stray Cat last was AMAZING!!!!" - BR

"punkplay was great!! so great that i had a ménage à trois dream involving ronald reagan last night, which gave a whole new meaning to trickle down. reaganomics baby!!" - LF

"Go see PUNK PLAY I did it was awesome" - SL

"as always, thoughy it was a refreshing, smart, and creative evening." - RM

"Go check put Punkplay at Straycat Theater in Tempe!! It is amazing! Dreams are free motherfucker!!" - LP

"Got to catch PUNKPLAY this weekend...FABULOUS!" - MF

"GO SEE PUNKPLAY! SERIOUS. Our sisters in the kitty condo have a shockrock evening of 80s awesomeness on their hands!!! Stray Cat Theatre! DO. IT. weird awesomeness...outta this world!" - DD

"Great, fast-paced fun! Reminded me of how UN-punk I am but I still had a great time!" - TS

"Punkplay is a treat - a weird, crazy, existential conundrum of a treat, but a treat nonetheless! Devon Nickel is truly amazing as he sells all the quirky moments of this bizarre homage to screwing the establishment! You gotta know I liked it since I'm sending my kid to see it too!" - SSJ

"Congratulations and thanks to the wonderful cast and crew of PUNK PLAY for the spiky, energetic reminder to keep asserting the individual self and reject insipid influences of The Man." - AMF