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Monday, October 2, 2017
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"Just a note to say how incredible I thought last nights performance of Kiss was. Having been a supporter of Stray Cat for years I wanted to reach out and say... kudos to another job well done sir, tip of the hat. Not only was last nights performance entertaining, it was insightful, but more than that, it shone a bright light on the plight of refugees and what they face.
Highest congratulations to you, and the entire cast, crew and board for once again proving you needn't travel far for intelligent, entertaining, thought provoking entertainment." - MG

"IT WAS SO GOOD I CRIED. Okay if ya'll missed out on Kiss, then ya'll missed out on the gut punch of a lifetime tbh" - SM

"I saw Kiss by Stray Cat Theatre last night. It was brilliant. My mind has been racing ever since and I am still processing how it has made me feel. If you live in the Valley and have no plans tonight- GO SEE IT. If you live in the Valley and HAVE plans tonight- ditch them, and GO SEE IT. Support local theatre and experience this eye opening production." - KR

"KISS is brilliant and kicked my butt while in my seat.  Still thinking about last night's outstanding performance ...Joyful, exuberant, then haunting display of humanity that tees you up with laugh and then keeps slapping you in your comfy little seat.  Thank you for another poignant night at the theatre, Ron May and everyone at Stray Cat Theatre." - DD

"Congrats to the KISS company at Stray Cat Theatre.  Had the chance to see this powerful and fascinating show last night.  What a pleasure to see thoughtful and timely stories on a local stage." - MW

"If you didn't see kiss you missed out. Holy fuck. Glad I caught it." - VD

"I was genuinely blown away. " - BM 


"Saw KISS tonite!  I think there were many times in this production that the audience was one collective unit transfixed and mesmerized at what was before us.  Such creative, powerful, relevant and take home theatre by all involved in this Stray Cat production. Bravo!! Beautiful theatre." - DL

"A great production!  All around. Thanks, Ron. Sure, I was confused at the end, but I'm really OK with that." - DH

"Wow!!! The actors were excellent and the play was mesmerizing. Great job. Congrats!" - DW

"KISS is the kind of play that teaches one the craft of theatre...these performers were extra-ordinary as was the entire production!" - JBS 

"Last night I had the pleasure of attending one of the most original plays that I've seen in a while. I can't even begin to describe it without MAJOR spoilers. What I will say is that it is topical, hilarious, poignant, and has a few unexpected twists. Just go see for yourself." - LA

"If you have not seen KISS at Stray Cat are genuinely missing out on some great theatre. Kiss is an incredible, thought provoking piece that is sure to engage you every moment." - AC

"I just saw KISS at Stray Cat. See it. Sit back & let this show guide you & your emotions. Then let's talk about it. I gotta lot of thoughts and feelings happening. Still digesting...but DAMN. Congrats Ron May. What a truly POWERFUL piece." - JF

"That was an amazingly provocative performance. Go see it...then we will talk.." - JW

"The show is amazing!" - CJ

"Phenomenal show! Fantastic job Ron...and everyone involved!" - RM

"Curious how different I’ll feel seeing this a second time. I was blown away by it the first time." - DW

"I loved the play." - EO

"Go See This. NOW!" - AW

"super powerful theater." - MT

"Holy fuck...that show was just, wow.  Very powerful.  I think I was holding my breath through the entire third act.  Still confused about some stuff, but fucking amazing.  Congrats.  Already looking forward to the next show!" - ER

"Tremendously enjoyed Kiss last night. Bravo...As always." - BH

 "Everyone needs to see KISS. Stray Cat Theatre at Tempe Center of Arts." - TLM

"Great show!...truly impressive work with those actors; they are all wonderful. They nailed the style perfectly." - JM

"I loved kiss SO MUCH!!!! Like SO MUCH!" - CB

"Please. Please get tickets to see Kiss at Stray Cat Theatre. It is one of the most important pieces of theater today. And I have never been affected the way I have tonight. 
It wasn't anything I expected. Quite frankly, as the play unfolded I wasn't sure I wanted to feel the way it had made me feel. But I couldn't be more grateful that it did." - CBW

"Art is not only a reflection of culture, it also serves to shape and define who we are." I have always believed with great talent comes great responsibility.  Truly Great Storytellers take on an elevated consciousness, an extended awareness of self in order to inform and expand the collective reality. This is the case with Stray Cat's current production of 'Kiss'. I can't say anything about the show itself as to not ruin any surprise (and there are many!).  I can say that Ron May has outdone himself.  Each moment of the show is filled with presence and passions. The audience is instantly drawn in and held breathless until the last moment.  And those actors leave blood, sweat and every ounce of their hearts on the stage.  
It is thought provoking, engaging, hilarious, emotionally intelligent, and presents a conversation integral to today's socio-political world climate.  It's Everything I always wish theater could be.  So powerful  ️Thank you" - HLH

"We saw the play “Kiss” at the Stray Cat Theatre. This was the southwest premier of the play by Guillermo Calderón and the playwright’s first play in the English language. Ron May directed expertly and the actors were terrific. It is essentially a play in three acts, although there was no intermission. The first scene is amusing as the actors, playing two BFF couples gathering to watch a soap opera, perform in an exaggerated telenovela style. In the second scene, the actors find out what the Syrian play, which they found on the internet, really means. In the third scene, they perform the play with the new information. They no longer perform it as an exaggerated melodrama, but as though it is real life—and it is stunningly real." - BO

"I saw KISS last Thursday and haven't posted anything about it...honestly, because I'm still thinking about what to, it was powerful. It's that kind of play everyone should see, it's worth your time, and it's your last week to check it out. When I see Stray Cat shows, I usually write that the productions linger with me...stay with me...haunt good/important ways ;-) This is no different. See KISS before it's gone!" - JP

"KISS was phenomenal" - DT

"Had a great time tonight watching the wildly talented Neda Tavassoli in Stray Cat Theater's Kiss at Tempe Center for the Arts. Go see this show!!!" - AM

"Ah! I am SHOOK (and I think I'm using this new fangled slang correctly) by the play, KISS...Everyone go see it!!!" - EH

"Just got done watching...KISS at Stray Cat. Wow. Seriously, powerful stuff. Some amazing talent at work all the way around. Do yourselves a favor and go see!" - HL

"I encourage you to place this event in your calendar. Ron May has once again grabbed a hold of my reality and turned it upside down. I was reminded that even subtle nuances of one culture can be completely missed in another. "Lost in Translation" becomes a complete understatement. This is important work." - DC

"Saw "Kiss" at the Tempe Center for the Arts last night. A play by Guillermo Calderon, directed by Ron May, a Stray Cat Theatre production.  It's set in Damascus Syria, 2014.  You will not understand the play in the beginning, but in the end you'll understand more than you ever thought possible.  The words "must see" are bantered about freely when talking about a play or movie, but "Kiss" brings true meaning to the words." - SS

"This show is going to hurt you. You should see it." - JG

"I saw...KISS last night at Stray Cat. I'm having one of those moments where I want to tell you ALL about it and how it left me, but I can't because you need to have your own experience. So, the only solution is for you to come see it and then talk to me after the show about it so we can share our reactions.  Get on it." - BU

"very powerful." - NS

" relevant and important...Stray Cat Theatre consistently presents complexity of text, challenging and often uncomfortable subject matter, fresh faces, and so much heart. Thank you, kitties. Theatregoers, check expectations at the door." - BJF

"KISS" at Stray Cat Theatre ... whoa. You will be talking about this one on the car ride home." - LD

"F$&@ing brilliant. And I'm not a fan of soaps. Make a point to see Stray Cat Theatre's "Kiss".  Like now." - RH

"...a truly entertaining, moving, thought-provoking performance tonight. I had a wonderful time, well done everyone!!" - KL

"Stray Cat Theatre's KISS is hysterical in every sense of the word. It just opened at the Tempre Center for the Arts. Go see it! Run!" - PH

"Absolutely outstanding" - TS

"It's just a great damn show...I'm so happy you guys produced it, or I never would have known about it. I was highly entertained last night! You will laugh your butt off, then proceed to think about that laughter the rest of the night. Its a very thought provoking show. Great job by the cast and everyone involved. Well friggn done!" - ZF

"Congratulations to Ron May, the cast and crew of Kiss. You've done a great job creating a powerful, thought-provoking piece of theatre. Well done!" - SH

"I throughly enjoyed KISS!!!  The actresses and actors were amazing!!!  I laughed, cried and gasped!!!  Well done to everyone!!!!" - AM

"Holy KISS! You gotta see KISS at Stray Cat Theatre. It's a theatre experience like nothing else you've ever had. I laughed (mostly at poop jokes), I cried (later at those same poop jokes(you'll see)), and I've been talking about the play nonstop since last night. Let me know if you want to talk about the show and I'll put together a bookclub-style gathering to discuss and drink!" - WH

"This play delights and disturbs.  Remarkable production.  Terrific performances. Great venue.  Do see it." - CY

" absolutely amazing cast." - JK

"it was great. kind of like roshomon. still processing. the feelings evoked in the last act were like guilt and embarrassment of having laughed so hard in the first act. it was really really well done; the actors were terrific. the whole play just left me shocked and dumbstruck." - JS