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Sunday, October 2, 2016
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"Shook the living hell out of me. Discomfort in the best way." - KC

"Thank you for taking a chance on this quirky, yet unique piece of theatre.  Ron,  thank you for weaving together a story that requires you to think on so many levels.   Cast,  thank you for drawing us in with your attention to every character detail. Designers - your work was superb. Thank you for bringing quality theatre and another satisfying night of theatre. Bravo!" - JC

"...loved the show last night! Seriously it was so great! I really enjoyed myself." - MD

"Congratulations, cast and crew of John!! Thank you for such an excellent and engaging evening of theatre! I loved it!" - EP

"it was dope as hell!" - SD

"JOHN invites us, insidiously, surreptitiously into a labyrinth of neurosis and challenges us to avoid the fast food drive in urge for quick fixes, take a deep meditative breath, enter the imaginary circumstances, slow down, smell the coffee, and live alongside the deeply troubled, always philosophical, always entertaining (yes, that happens too! But you must TRUST what the script, actors, designers and director are doing) characters.  Alas, only one more show.  Can't recall seeing anything like this. EVER." - DB

"If you have not had the pleasure of seeing this hauntingly beautiful piece, cancel your evening plans and get your tickets!" - RF

"Guys! You have only two more opportunities to go see Annie Baker's John produced by Stray Cat Theatre. I saw it last weekend and once again found myself thankful for all the people making work with these folks. It really doesn't get much better than Stray Cat, in Arizona or elsewhere. If you aren't seeing their shows I don't know...I think your life must be pretty boring. Don't live in regret, you haven't missed this one quite yet!" - WK

"If you haven't made plans either tonight or tomorrow, I highly suggest you go see this wonderful piece of work at Stray Cat Theatre. I absolutely LOVED IT!!! The direction, set, and Anne Bakers crazy mind combine for an awesomely dark bizarre study of human interaction. So freaking cool... and not to mention the cast is phenomenal!!! Like seriously, they friggin kill it!!! It's an acting masterclass up in that shit...!!!!" - DN

"Watching JOHN! Congratulations to all! What an awesome piece of theatre. Such a detailed, ornate, creepy set and the sound design yum and love the performances, so good! catch it because it closes this weekend" - JCS

"I love the people in Annie Baker's plays.  There are four characters in "John" at Stray Cat Theatre that you should meet.  I'm glad I did tonight and I think you have a couple more chances before they close.  Congratulations to Ron May, Michelle Chin, Will Hightower, Debra Lyman, Shari Watts, and all of the artists involved.  Loved it." - ML

"John" at Stray Cat Theatre - seriously the weirdest play I have ever been to." - KT

"I haven't stopped thinking about it. It was that good." - RA

"A MUST see! It's excellent!" - SET

"Last weekend I saw John at Stray Cat Theatre. I think it is a phenomenal piece of theatre and I highly recommend that you see it, so do that today. Annie Baker is a tremendous playwright and the acting is superb, along with one hell of a set." - JK

"Congratulations to Stray Cat's exceptional production of JOHN by Annie Baker. Baker continues to fascinate me as a playwright...she provokes me...she is a master of the embedded narrative and is able to build meaning through the association of small moments and stories. JOHNkind of destroyed me last night...I'm still thinking about it and I'm going to be thinking about it for some time...similar to STUPID F$CKING BIRD last that haunts..." - JP

"JOHN at Stray Cat Theatre is well worth seeing. Cool, new script, awesome set and wonderful acting as well. It's funny, intense, and quite creepy for the Halloween season. Runs for one more weekend. Go see it!" - PH

"Silence on stage is INCREDIBLY difficult. It takes intense focus and massive amounts of energy to fill the silence naturally and actively to keep the audience from becoming stir crazy. The cast of JOHN gives a masterclass on the art of silence. I was blown away by the character work...yes, cast, that was ME last night obnoxiously laughing at every little nuance. Everything played out EXACTLY how I pictured it in my brain. I won't spoil anything. Just go see Stray Cat Theatre's JOHN. Kudos, Ron May, Will Hightower, Debra Lyman, Michelle Chinn, and Shari Watts! Thank you for an introspective evening." - BC

"John was phenomenal! Everyone should catch this show! It is so eerie and unsettling, I loved every moment! Amazing job Ron! Not many people can make 3 hours feel like 30 minutes but holy shit you did it in 20." - CG

"...another great show from Stray Cat Theatre and the always fantastic Ron May. Get tickets to see "John." It doesn't disappoint." - AH

"It's a stunning piece of work!" - NC

"I forgot to mention this the other night, but JOHN at Stray Cat Theatre is a very unique and awesome show. the set is a goddamn piece of art, the actors are all EXCELLENT, and I legitimately gasped out loud at the end and said "ohhhh no way." so. dig it. Annie Baker has a very specific style and pace that you don't see very often, and I think it's super cool. I just adore Stray Cat. go see." - CW

"Last night I saw Stray Cat Theatre's production of JOHN at Tempe Center for the Arts. Every part of this show is amazing. It's so real, I feel like I'm not supposed to be listening. Don't miss it!" - JLG

"Stray Cat's "John" by Annie Baker is wildly interesting, frustrating and consistently unsettling. Theatre that really makes you feel lots of stuff. Deserves to be seen." - HC

"I am usually not a fan of all. However, I became a bit more of a fan last night. Run, don't walk to see Stray Cat Theater's production of Annie Baker's "John." The four person cast is incredible, the set is breathtaking, and the technical elements and direction are damn near flawless. It's insanely awesome with a little bit of "goddammit I need to know more!" sprinkled in" - RM

"Go see "John" at Stray Cat Theatre it is captivating and smart ... congrats kitties you guys killed it..." - SL

"It was gorgeous and just outside of comfortable and we loved it! You guys nailed that opening night. So many little nuances and places of ambiguity, and you all brought the pieces together so beautifully." - NJ

"Go see this play.
Some of you may have seen and been intimidated by the fact that's 3 hours. It is 3 hours (with 2 intermissions), but don't let that scare you. 
One of the marks of a well-written and executed play is you don't notice the passage of time. Both times intermission rolled around I honestly thought, "Wow. Already?"
There are enough red herrings woven expertly into the script that you're never quite sure what's about to happen. I mean that in the best possible way. It's a snapshot of life piece that feels like the best work of Agatha Christie or Alfred Hitchcock.
The set is spectacular and basically a character unto itself.
As to the characters, the actors carry them beautifully and deliver them to the audience with utterly convincing humor, fragility, faults and authenticity.
This is the first time the play has been staged outside of New York, and Stray Cat Theatre once again delivers a knockout that every person in the Valley who enjoys live theatre will enjoy and benefit from seeing." - RM

"Yet another brilliant intelligent production from Stray Cat. This is a major production of an intelligent work by Pulitzer prize winning playwright Annie Baker. I loved it." - RW

"If you liked THE FLICK, this is another great Annie Baker foray into feelings of uncertainty and isolation, bundled in a helluva lot of heart. Definitely go see." - MA

"Go see this play. You will see some amazing work on stage. My first Annie Baker play - and it's the first time I've actually thought that a write was approaching Agatha Christie expertise in suspense. Experience it." - KO

"Such a journey for the audience!! Please go and ride this delicious ride. So many laughs and so much great work all OVER that theatre!!"  - BJF