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Monday, May 15, 2017
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"Great day at the theatre yesterday! American realism is alive and well on the stages of Phoenix!...Ron May directed another amazing production, HIR at Stray Cat. Loved the raw, intense realism of both these shows!!" - SJL

"So... if you missed HIR at Stray Cat... and ya, I'm late to the party seeing it closing night, but if you missed it... SHAME. ON. THEE.  It was amazing theatre." - DD

"When theatre hurts you, makes you think, and still fills you with beauty, you know it's good. Very grateful for the chance to go to the closing performance of HIR tonight at Stray Cat Theatre in the midst of my own show's madness, especially with the familiar faces in the audience with me. Applause to all involved." - HS 

"Just got home from Stray Cat Theatre's HIR.  It was like What's Eating Gilbert Grape as written by Samuel Beckett if he were to collaborate with the writers of Bojack Horseman.  Confused? Exactly. The use of tempo and levels and that ENDING.  Congratulations to everyone who had a hand in this production.  It left my head spinning...and that is my favorite way to leave the theatre.  Cheers and congratulations on a wonderful close to an entertaining season!" - BC 

"At intermission of a riveting and thought provoking production of Hir with Stray Cat Theatre. What a show!  You have me hooked, Andy Cahoon, Gary David Keast, and Cathy Dresbach." - EDM

"Fucking amazing work...! Wow wow wow!" - KM

"I loved this show and am looking forward to seeing it again on Saturday..." - SH

"What an incredible production! Kudos to...KJ Williams for an incredible performance, along with the entire cast. Thanks Ron May for continuing to bring valuable and thought provoking art to our community." - SJC

"Stray Cat's production of Hir was a ferocious production of a ferocious play. You have one more weekend to see it, so do. This production is once again absolute proof that Stray Cat is one of the best companies period. Thank goodness for everyone involved." - WK 

"Holy SPIT!...Friends, I reccomend that you do not let this one pass you by. A perfectly filthy set,  the enormous talent of this perfectly cast show, and of course the direction is SOLID. I'm a big fan of their work." - OC

"We saw Stray Cat's "Hir" this afternoon and all I can say is WOW. Playwright Taylor Mac calls the play’s form "absurd realism," but beneath the absurdity, there’s a dysfunctional family trying to find its way in a world they don’t quite understand. Arnold, who was a tyrannical father and an abusive husband, has had a stroke and can barely put together a sentence. Paige has seized the opportunity to get her revenge. She has become the ruler and treats Arnold the way he used to treat her. Paige and Max are creating a new way of life, one that is gender neutral and doesn’t depend on straight white men. Cathy Dresbach is terrific as Paige, from her comic turn in the first act to her stunning dramatic moments in the second act. The rest of the cast--Andy Cahoon is Isaac, Gary David Keast is Arnold and KJ Williams is Max—is outstanding. Once again, it is brilliantly directed by Ron May." - BO

"HIR + Stray Cat Theatre + Cathy Dresbach = mind blown!  Cathy is playing a role of a lifetime and surrounded by a killer  supporting cast including Andy Cahoon.  For those of you who don't know Cathy, this performance is a rare treat to see a seasoned actor challenged by a demanding, thought provoking and entertaining role.  The play turns your mind inside out in the process as Ron May usually does!" - DD

"I caught HIR at Stray Cat last Sunday. This was the best of all that's needed to make great theater. Script, direction and cast. What a wonderful package. Go see this!" - BT

"Had the privilege of seeing Hir at Stray Cat Theatre today.... a stellar performance of an AMAZING script." - MK 

"We loved HIR!! Get out to TCA and experience this fantastic and important piece of theatre while you still can. They have one more weekend - no excuses. Not pictured: Our gross sobbing. This was taken at intermission." - AV

"...we were blown away Friday night!" - DT

"I saw it yesterday and have so many "feels" (as the kids say.) So powerful and well acted. I predict that there will definitely be some award nominations for this one." - PD

"I absolutely loved your show. I took some people all of whom loved it. I may come see it again with more people. Everyone needs to see it." - GH

"Mind = Blown hard to intense orgasm.' - DB

"Stray Cat Theatre's performance of Hir is a Tour de Force! Congrats to Ron May, cast and crew! Hir is a dramedy that pushes to the future while caught in the past. A must see, support local theatre!" - KP

"...amazing...Straycat keeps on bringing it! Ron is brilliant, the actors are talented, and the production team is great as always. Do not miss this show!" - JF

"HIR. Stray Cat Theatre. I have all the feelings. I seriously can't tell you how great it is." - BU

"Just saw Stray Cat's Hir.  I highly recommend it.  The performances are all excellent.  This might be the best thing I've ever seen Cathy Dresbach do. (and that's saying something!)  Interesting, funny, disturbing evening of theatre.  Great work, Andy Cahoon and Ron May!  Go see this.  Support local theatre." - DH

" amazing show! Everyone was terrific especially Ms.Dresbach! My son totally enjoyed it and he hates theatre!" - SW

"Was lucky to catch the opening of Hir tonight before I go out of town again tomorrow. The amazing talent and direction of Ron May just blew me away. Stray Cat does theater the Valley needs. Get tickets." - TA

"Everyone, please go see HIR at Stray Cat. Incredibly powerful story, strong characters, perfect direction and pace, great designs across the board, and amazing performances by the entire cast. Seriously, just go." - HL

"Saw HIR @ Stray Cat Theatre ... wow what an incredible production... it was a roller coaster of emotions. If you see a show this coming month make it HIR... support local art and local artists." -  SL

"Wow. As Ron May says, please come see. So many laughs and gut punches. Always a good sign when it's so complicated and rich and uncomfortable that people have to leave in the middle of act 2, right? Go see why." - BJF

"Trying to figure out what to do next weekend? Do yourself a favor and go see Hir at Stray Cat Theatre. It's one of those shows that's done so well it makes the room feel smaller. Beautiful work from everyone." - JK

"Saw two intense shows in less than 24 hours... go see Stray Cat Theatre's Hir, it's funny and dark and the talent at Stray Cat on and off the stage is incredible. Go see!" - JB

 "...outstanding, honestly think it was the best one yet.  Those delicate and subtle moments framing the broader complexity were amazing - the actors never dropped me, my heart and mind were engaged the whole way..." RM

"HIR at Stray Cat Theatre was phenomenal. Congrats Ron May on choosing such an engaging, hilarious, and truly thought provoking piece of theatre. Everything about it is fantastic. Do yourself a favor and go and see it!" - RA

" is an absolute *must* go-see! You will be blown away by the talent of this cast and the beauty of this script." - MT

"Huge congrats to Andy Cahoon and the rest of the cast and crew of "HIR" at Stray Cat Theatre! Such an amazing and moving show!" - SP

"HIR is a CURSE OF THE STARVING CLASS for this generation.  It tackles the American family's contemporary challenges and explores them with the sensitivity of a sledge hammer.  The deeply flawed parents and kids employ the "Bambi Meets Godzilla" method of conflict resolution.  Ron May's direction is so tight, you can't turn away for a second.  The design team of Jeff Thomson, Maci Cae Hosler, Jessica Florez, Peter Bish and Dallas Nichols create a wild circus of low rent self deprecation.  And the performances are gloriously disturbing.  Andy Cahoon (best work yet?), Cathy Dresbach (best work yet?), KJ Williams (channeling a 14 year old punk) and Gary David Keast (like you've never seen him). HURRAY FOR  STRAY CAT!  SUPPORT LOCAL THEATRE." - DB