Friday, June 8, 2012
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"Absurdism + Ibsen + robots = awesome! What a wild ride! Congratulations to everyone involved on an amazing production!" - JD

"Fu**ing GREAT show. I couldn't stop laughing." - JK

"A-MAZ-ING. Robots, great talent - a wild ride. SEE IT!" - EC

"The "Turn Around" spoof alone is worth the price of admission! Hilarious!!" - DV

"The robots are absolutely fantastic and the show is absolutely hilarious!" - AW

"An outrageously entertaining season finale! - NB

"Heddatron... BY FAR some of the finest theater I have ever seen." - CB

"Heddatron was mindblowing and TONS of great moments. I was laughing from beginning to end. It is by far one of my favorite shows I have ever seen at Stray Cat." - MT

"Saw Heddatron at Stray Cat Theatre tonight. I laughed my balls off. seriously, this is a WEIRD show but in a delicious and bold way. Laughed till I was crying at one point. And all of the actors were phenomenal. Robots were unbelievably awesome. ROBOTS! Like, what?! People, you HAVE to go to this show. It's unreal." - CW

" must Must MUST see Heddatron at Stray Cat Theatre. 5. Working. Robots. Talented, committed and HILARIOUS actors...Performances now through June 9th. Get your master-bot on!" - AK

"Congratulations to the amazing cast and crew of Heddatron. The show was FANTASTIC!! Can't wait to see it again. Congrats on an awesome opening night!!!!!!" - KC

"GO SEE Heddatron at Stray Cat Theatre! Brilliantly directed by Ron May, with excellent performances from Shelly Trujillo, Ian Christiansen, Johanna Carlisle, Trevor Starkey, Louis Farber, Emily Rubin, Joshua Sherrill, Sam Wilkes, and Todd Michael Isaac. And I'd be remiss not to mention the Stray Cat debut of Thea Eigo as Nugget - she is adorable and a purr-fect addition to the kitty condo! And- ROBOTS! Real ones! Seriously, don't miss it!" - AM

"Heddatron - so much to love! Who doesn't love robots? Who doesn't love Ian (Christiansen) & Louis (Farber) being horrible? Who doesn't like bouncing boobies? Heddatron has all that, a Glee-style full-stage version of Total Eclipse of the Heart with enough drama to totally eclipse Bonnie Tyler, a fifth grader who makes me wonder if I shoulda had children after all - and everyone knows that Johanna Carlisle can do no wrong. Every piece of this play worked for me, even if the whole was totally over my head. Go see it so you can enjoy it too & maybe explain it to this simple country girl so I can be intellectually enriched as well as dramatically satiated." - PL

"Just saw/enjoyed Stray Cat Theatre's HEDDATRON. Impossible to describe: robots x Henrick Ibsen x 80's pop music x a great cast, wonderfully directed by the amazing Ron May. Just don't ask me to explain it." - ML

"Robots are cool. HEDDATRON at Stray Cat is wonderfully weird." - AH

"congrats and thanks to the heddatron cast, GREAT SHOW, pure hilarity and borderline life altering!" - RT

"Seriously go if you can, it's an outstanding show!!!" - GJM