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Friday, March 23, 2018
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"Congrats on Gidion’s Knot! Stunning work from everyone." - OC

"The most tense hour of theatre I’ve experienced. I highly recommend you all check this one out." - XM

"I still can’t breathe. Gidion’s Knot will resonate for a long while. Painfully relevant. Brilliantly done. 100% art. Thank you." - JR

"I saw SC's Gidion's Knot last weekend...Shari and Alison with Tracy's keen direction, colorful and happy classroom staging (the Set Design!!!) made my fellow audience members and myself question, adjust ourselves physically and emotionally and forget where we were . . .you could honestly feel the collective shock, pin-drop pain and sadness as we sat there in the huge theatre watching the 2 of them play off each other, with each other, against each other with such skill. It also started a lively after-the-show discussion that could have gone on much longer. It's a production that everyone should go see and talk about later. BUT it only plays out through this Weekend. Go see and support the daring Kitties." - DL

"PSA: Stray Cat’s production of Gidion’s Knot is amazing and you should go out this weekend and see! Was thrown off MULTIPLE times and the acting is simply top notch, so GO SUPPORT THE BEST LOCAL THEATRE THERE IS!!!!!" - SM

"Great theater. It was much bigger than I anticipated. The actors were fantastic in Gidion’s Knot. Just the two of them for about 75 minutes. Heartfelt, emotional performances." - goldstar review

"Saw it this afternoon. Wanted to cry." - JH

"We just returned from another splendid Stray Cat production. Today it was  "Gidion's Knot." In a fifth-grade classroom, a mother keeps her appointment for a teacher-parent conference. The woman’s son, Gidion, was suspended for a week, and she wants to know what happened. It soon becomes apparent that Gidion has committed suicide, and the teacher never thought the mother would keep the conference appointment. Reluctant at first, the teacher eventually tells the mother that Gideon wrote a story that upset both the teacher and the principal, hence the suspension. Is what Gidion wrote art? Or is it a threat of violence? That is the question, but the result was a tragedy. The two-person play, writer by Johnna Adams, was beautifully acted by Shari Watts as the mother and Alison Campbell as the teacher." - BO

"A thought provoking play. The actors were outstanding." - GO

"Gidion’s Knot. Wow. Now I'll be decompressing." - JT

"Thoroughly enjoyed GIDIONS KNOT last night at the TCA.  I have to admit at one point I was SUPER uncomfortable in my seat... (this is not unusual for me at a Stray Cat show).  Then, of course, the plot twist came and I thought (like I usually do at a Stray Cat show) "you need to just chill out, David, 'cuz their going to twist your brain... DUH, that's what they do here." (That how I talk to myself... lots of DUHs.) Very difficult dialog delivered masterfully by Alison Campbell and Shari Watts. Congrats to Stray Cat Theatre and the whole crew and director Tracy Liz Miller.  And do yourself a favor, be sure to read Peter Bish's bio." - DD

"Disturbing, yes. Uncomfortable, yes. Thought provoking, yes. Deserves an audience....YES! #Straycattheatre" - JW

"That show wrecked me." JG

"What a beautiful show.  And the set is amazing." JT

"Gidion's Knot at Tempe Center for the Arts is fantastic!  A play that challenges the artistic team and the audience alike. Tracy Liz Miller has directed this play with precision and care. Congratulations to Ralph Remington and the Tempe Center for the Arts and to Ron May and Stray Cat Theatre for such a bold and brave co-production. Kudos!" KB

"Lovely venue, talented cast of two and engaging performance. Gideon's mother, Corryn, was articulate, unforgiving and insinuatingly snarky. She resorts to one rhetorical strategy after another to pierce the silence and quite forced courtesy of Heather, the teacher. Corryn's desperation for the truth with a sidebar need for emotional revenge is fearless in nature as the audience ponders is it hers or the school's failing. The action unfolds in real time, while Heather stalls and evades, stalling until her principal arrives, who in actuality has no intention of showing up at all. The women argue over values, aesthetics, the vulnerabilities of developing children, the snap assumptions people make about one another, the nature of courage and of responsibility. Though the intensity starts at a high boil, it escalates inescapably throughout, as the actors confront the audience as much as one another with their characters’ pain, dip-and-dodge approach to the issues at hand and fail attempts to cope with their respective degrees of guilt and regret. A must see but be prepared to test your own opinions on a subject matter that is all too close to today's reality." - goldstar review