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Thursday, May 2, 2013
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"Of course Chicks was a riot. A terrific cast!" - BE

"Chicks" is campy, fun, over-the-top silly, and raunchy. I had a great time BOTH times I went to see it. I took a friend for her birthday and she LOVED it. Took my daughter and son-in-law and had lots of giggles together." - goldstar

"Go see it folks! I took some friends visiting from Wisconsin last Saturday. I was a little nervous on how they would like the play, but afterwards, my friend's brother shook my hand and said, "That was funny as sh*t!" So 2 out of two Wisconsinites like it. What that means I have no idea, but you still should go see it!!" - AS

"SO much FUN! Love Everyone!...all marvelous!!! :-) Hell - the Entire cast played their parts to a "T" hehehhehee guilty pleasures...." - TP

"What a fantastic show! Thanks so much for turning me on to it!!!" - RV

"I did NOT enjoy CHICKS WITH DICKS at Stray Cat Theatre AT ALL!! It was TOO FUNNY! I had to sit there and LAUGH ALL NIGHT! Who the f*ck wants to do that?!? Emily Rubin being all hysterical and sexy and shit! Ridiculous! All those slutty hot girls and sexy shirtless boys... JEEZUZ! This is how I'm supposed to spend an evening, being titllated and hilariously entertained?!?...insanely funny piece-of-comedy... so if you're into that kind of shit, I guess you should prolly go see it before it sells out... but I don't know why you'd want to have such a good time... I really can't recommend it." - DD

"so hey. I notice it's Thursday of the second to last weekend of Chicks with Dicks. I mention this because more procrastinating and you'll find yourself standing in line on the wait list, then sitting in the back...Emily Rubin KILLS that sh*t. As in, funniest performance of the season. Good, smart camp is as rare as an Adele song in a major key. don't miss." - TS



"Outrageous and hilarious. Very well-rounded, talented cast - especially loved Nathalie Cadieux and Jamie Sandomire. Great job!" - Goldstar

"Go see Chicks with Dicks at Stray Cat it's hilarious crazy fun." - CR

"Go see it!!! My abs are sore from laughing so hard!!!" - PP

"That was f***ing hilarious!!!! Go see it!!!" - CH

"Had a fantastic night seeing Chicks at Stray Cat! So crazy, fun, and absolutely hilarious!!!!!" - AG

"PHENOMENAL JOB! The entire cast was great and was one of the best plays I have seen" - JT

"Laughed my ass off tonight. Chicks with Dicks at Stray Cat Theatre was a hilarious good time. Nicely done ladies and gentlemen!" - EB

"What better way to have a girls night out, than to go see Chicks With Dicks at Stray Cat Theatre?! Fun show, and some fun and interesting audience reactions! Great comedy from the cast, and a special shout-out to Nathalie Cadieux for great comedic timing!!"- SB

"Chicks with Dicks at Stray Cat Theatre is delicious, dirty, 'Oh my GAWD! Hahahahah *snort* hahahahah!' whackadoodle fun! Its a great day to have a good cathartic snort laugh fest." - AH

...laughed until our faces hurt last night. Locals, go to Stray Cat Theatre and see their production of "Chicks." Funny, funny show." - MM

"Chicks with Dicks at Stray Cat Theatre is one for the books! Hilarious, dirty, violent, sensual, goofy, and at times, just plain wrong... Or right?!? Wink wink! ;-) Go see it! Cheers and congrats to the following people and everyone else involved with this fabulous theatrical event" - CW


"The antidote to mainstream theatre with a title to prove it. Not for the faint hearted." - DA

"Absolute insane, crazy, outrageous, hilarious fun. You would never guess what happens in every scene and that is part of the fun. The actors were outstanding. Had me laughing so hard. One of the funniest and best all around plays I've seen. Totally great night of enjoyment. Highly recommend." - Goldstar

"You MUST see this show! F***ing hilarious!!!! And way sexy!" - DH

"Fantastic production! I laughed. LOUD!" - BJ

"...amazing...crazy crazy crazy!" - DB

"A highlight of my night: Cassie Chilton sitting on my lap in full costume during intermission. Another highlight of my night: "A World Beyond Gender", the song. Congratulations to Chicks With Dicks on a ridiculous and hilarious show and thank you all for a much needed night of escape. Let's roll!" - MT

"I've enjoyed everything I've seen at Stray Cat. But this may well be my favorite show I've ever seen." - BB

"Go see Chicks With Dicks at Stray Cat Theater! Great time! Great show!" - SA

"The show was re-dick-ulously awesome!!" - AN

"Go see "Chicks with Dicks" at Stray Cat Theatre in Tempe. Hilarious! Brilliant! Loved it!" - LQ

"i hurt my face laughing tonight! chicks with dick at stray cat theatre. if you're in tempe don't miss it!! trust." - LF

"Thank you for making this old cat purr again. Congrats on a kick ass show." - NT

"Haven't laughed so hard in months. Stray cat theatre does it again, this time with camp, physicality, and sheer feminine power. Bravo!!!" - WR

"excellent job, Stray Cat!!!" - CW

"Chicks with dicks fucking awesome." - SL

"...100 shades of hysterical..." - BU

"...seriously funny..." - TS

"This is a fantastic show! I can always count on Stray Cat Theatre for quality, intimate theatre experiences. It is so refreshing to see something different too. The cast is excellent, highly energetic and spot on. The show itself is campy and full of surprises. I recommend it to anyone that is ready to let their hair down and just have a good time!" - JW on Goldstar