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Sunday, October 5, 2014
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(Even if the initials are the same, each quote is from a different patron...)

"One of the best small productions I've seen this year! The story was told in a unique manner of the West African griot-style. Intriguing and a must see!" - JNB, goldstar

"Just saw The Brothers was simply beautiful. I'm not one to give a standing ovation easily but I didn't hesitate to get on my feet for this show for even a second. Well done!" - CC

"Brothers Size was just amazing! From top to bottom from sets to signs!" - JN

"...I was wrecked. Beautifully done..." - SM

"Truly outstanding!" - JR

"I don't even know where to begin!! What. A. Show!!!! Bravo!!!! Man...I had to hold back some tears over there. Gripped me so tight, and that ending was heart breaking." - AN

"Just saw The Brothers Size. Holy cow! Bowing down to the genius of Ron May. Cast did a fine job. Set was perfection! I repeat. Holy cow!" - PS

"The play itself was very good although I was a little disturbed by the use of the word n***** about 230 times. I didn't feel that it made it more authentically Louisianan. However, the storyline was deep and tasty. But the BEST part was the acting. This was a three-man play. Each of the three actors were very, very good except for one. He was unforgettable. Damon J Bolling was EXTRAORDINARY. He played his role with a depth and authenticity rare to the Phoenix stage. I've seen him on stage a couple times before but this time was different. This time was not just very good but BRILLIANT. I applaud Damon for his amazing talent. The director Ron May clearly has a big WINNER on his hands. And when the awards are passed out for this season I hope Ron, Stray Cat, and especially Damon are remembered and celebrated." - RB

"The Brothers Size was truly one of the most beautiful productions I've seen in a long, long time. Incredibly moving and masterfully executed by all. Congratulations and thank you for your vision and talent." - JH

"Man, I really needed to get out of my head and immerse myself in some amazing theatre tonight. Mission accomplished. The Brothers Size at Stray Cat was so powerful and moving the performances were brilliant! Thanks and congratulations to Ron May for the production!! Amazing." - DH

"The Brothers Size was fantastic!! Crying my eyes out!! Holding back my tears from my ugly cry!! Amazing! So proud of Damon J Bolling and Michael Thompson!! Ron May continues to create such beautiful work. Love you guys." -RW

" good! Smart, funny, and dramatic. It was beautifully staged and the performances were powerful...your show kept me enthralled. I'm very happy I got to see it." - JB

"A stunning example of actors working their craft, and sensitive directing in an odd piece that includes some very realistic moments juxtaposed with poetry, self-narration, and choreographed dreams. Lovely work by all involved. - SSJ

"Ron May has done it again! The Brothers Size by Tarell Alvin McCraney is a brilliant production. It is creatively directed, beautifully written and skillfully acted. Even the set is outstanding! A terrific experience." - BO

"The Brothers Size is beyond words. A truly moving, emotional and inspiring tale. Do NOT miss this show. Bravo to the cast and crew" - RG

"BEAUTIFUL storytelling, POWERFUL performances, MESMERIZING stagecraft. Thank you Ron May, Damon J. Bolling, Michael Thompson, DeJean Brown, and Stray Cat production team. GO see "The Brothers Size" at Stray Cat Theatre. I mean it." - MA

"An amazing and powerful performance. A friend of mine saw Brothers last night. She texted me as soon as she came out of the theatre, "Wow. I could see this again." So agree." - LP

"Don't miss The Brothers Size at Stray Cat Theatre. Seriously. You'll be left out of so many conversations about the societal impact it will be embarrassing. Plus the acting is, just, like, I can't even...Just go see it!" - WH

"The Brothers Size was phenomenal. Your stuff always blows me away." - TO

"Go see this show. It is powerful theatre with brilliant performances and staging. You have never seen Michael Thompson or Damon J. Bolling in roles like these. They floored me in a way that still confuses me." - SW

"Stray Cat's Ron May gives us a soul-wrenching look into the lives of The Brothers Size. Drenched with Yoruban mythology, the emotions are raw and real. Great job cast and crew!" - CM

"The Brothers Size, just wow. Once again, the alpha cat, Ron May, kills with an amazing play, and, oh yeah, directs an awesome cast brilliantly. Did I mention I liked it?" - PFL

"So obscenely good..." - DH

"Thank you Ron May and Damon J. Bolling for a powerful afternoon at the theater. The Brothers Size left me with tears rolling down my face. Go to Stray Cat Theatre to experience this show, people!" - DT

"Finally, a good drama in the Valley! Really nice acting, but then I have found The Stray Cat theatre rarely disappoints." - goldstar review

"You know a show is really good when you are driving home with someone and you can hear a pin drop. We loved the show. I am still a wreck. Bravo!" - NC

"Outstanding storytelling! Brilliant! Fabulous! Bravo!" - LR

"Attended the opening of THE BROTHERS SIZE at Stray Cat Theatre last night. Congrats to Ron May and all the artists involved. Powerful stuff. Did not know this playwright's work before - Tarell Alvin McCraney - glad to have seen it. Will look for more. Fascinating story telling. Go see it - runs through October 4." - MW

"Thank you Ron May and Stray Cat Theatre for The Brothers Size. Great play, great!!!" - KM

"...left me floored. Damon, Michael, and DeJean are all giving incredibly rich performances and Ron's direction and staging is beautiful. Please go see this show. It is too powerful to miss." - TS

"...seriously...I just cried for 10 minutes." - TS

"Amazing show tonight." - BB

"The Brothers Size at Stray Cat Theatre was wonderful. Really, really wonderful. Please people don't miss this show." - EB

"What an awesome play!" - SM

"That was seriously some of the best acting I have seen in forever." - TM

"...a must see play. Very skilled actors, great performance." - HP

"Saw this show today -- we are theater members. It was a wonderful play. Soon as I saw the actors on the stage I wondered how they found such GREAT ACTORS to be in this show. Actors were superb, story was great and it was a wonderful afternoon!!! Thanks for fine theater." - NF

"Riveting performances by Damon Bolling, Michael Thompson, and DeJean Brown in Ron May's brilliantly directed "The Brothers Size" at Stray Cat Theatre. This is the kind of theatre I crave and you deliver it so remarkably well. Bravo!" - HP

"The Brothers Size is like a bittersweet, epic poem coming to life before your eyes. It's gorgeous. Don't miss it." - AH

"Brothers Size at Stray Cat - Fantastic" - DS

"...incredible...still reeling from those performances." - MM

"Great work on a really interesting piece of theatre." - DH

"A definite must-see...This is the most instense...ummm, 'tone poem'? Cannot determine the genre but it will amaze you on the tight direction, the choreography, the musicality and the themes...every moment is unexpected -- you are exhausted at the end!"

"I love this play. I love the cast. I love the staging. I love the writing...the closing scene leaves me wanting to text my little brother with "There is nothing I would not do for you." - BU

" was so good, and I don't just say that. Damon J Bolling and Michael (Thompson) made me cry. So good. Brothers Size. See it! The end." - KB
" is truly astonishing. Don't miss this breathtaking piece of theatre." - LF

"What a fantastic, moving show! Everybody should go see it!!" - HF

"If you've got an itch to see an amazing show I recommend THE BROTHERS SIZE. I was blown away by the performance...seriously make sure you see it before it's too late!!!" - RZ

"The show was raw, funny, honest, painful, heavy and all around amazing. You need to see this show as it will leave you weak and breathless." - OZ