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Wednesday, September 19, 2018
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"Phoenix friends: You must see Stray Cat Theatre’s The Antipodes" - KW

"...stunning. REALLY REALLY cool work on this...I loved it. Thank You!!!!" - DB

"It's such a fucking stellar production. It's so good. I lost my shit." - SY


"I saw Stray Cat's "Antipodes" Thurs night. For me, it was another one of those productions that sits in your head replaying thru the day as I relived the stories, imagery from those  stories, stage pictures created by the brilliant actors, director Ron May, tech, and crew.  I adore Annie Baker and Stray Cat and you put the 2 together??!! Delightful and lots of questions. Definitely a must see and see again so you can catch more morsels of the creative treasures in this production.  Go see it." - DL

"Run -don't walk- to see Stray Cat Theatre's production of Annie Baker's "The Antipodes" Straight up fantastic! Congrats, Ron May, Brooke Unverferth, Amanda Keegan, William Michael Wyss, Michael Thompson, Michael Peck, Louis Farber, David Weiss and the rest of the kitties" - IW

"So much fantastic theatre happening in the valley right now. I had the pleasure of...seeing the stunning THE ANTIPODES at Stray Cat Theatre tonight. I’m consistently stunned and inspired by the talent in this town, and so grateful to be surrounded by so much incredible art." - HS

"Still running for a few weeks is Antipodes produced by the one and only Stray Cat theatre which NEVER disappoints to bring thought provoking, Intense, hysterical, new works to a theatre community in NEED of the artistry genius that is Ron May. Plus the monologues in this piece are beautifully crafted by very gifted actors." - CB

"Stray Cat Theatre's THE ANTIPODES is a knockout meta piece about the power of storytelling." - MM

"It is so so so good!!!" - SH 

"The Antipodes: Stray Cat: Antipodes means the direct opposite of something. It’s the perfect title for a play where every character tells stories, but the play seems to be a meditation on the futility of storytelling. Beautifully acted and directed by Ron May! Another winner for Stray Cat Theatre." - BO

"Don't miss this incredible opportunity to see an AMAZING SHOW full of AMAZING PERFORMANCES and more than a few AMAZING MONOLOGUES that stay with you looooong after you leave the theater." - HLH

"ANTIPODES at Stray Cat Theatre definitely sparks conversation. See some stellar performances with exciting directing by Ron May. Closes next Saturday. Go see it!" - PH

"Every specific moment.  Love how you tell a story with every. tiny. detail.  Your ‘choreography’ (not the right word) proves that in theatre, as in life, god really is in the details.... it blew me away." - PS

"Congratulations to the cast and creative team of Stray Cat Theatre’s production of Annie Baker’s The Antipodes! What a great ensemble! The transformation of TCAs Studio Theatre is fabulous. Still processing this story about telling stories!" - KM

"Antipodes - so damn good. Go see it. I’m serious." - PFL 

"Got to see...Stray Cat Theatre’s The Antipodes...and I can’t recommend it enough. Especially if you liked Stray Cat’s previous Annie Baker plays...a damn good show all around. I liked it last night, but the way I can't stop thinking about it today made me realize how much I really, really liked it. Annie Baker always nails the ending for me. And all day I haven't been able to get over just how much Michael (Peck) knocked it out of the fucking park. Great casting. Okay I'm done gushing." - MA

"...I need to shout out Stray Cat Theatre for once again bringing complex, challenging, thought-provoking work to Valley stages. Audiences are required to turn on our brains and think about big things like the importance of storytelling, collaboration, micro aggressions, and more. Thank you for your work, Ron May, Louis Farber, Shannon Phelps, Will Hightower, Michael Peck, William Michael Wyss, Amanda Keegan, Kristen Peterson, Brooke Unverferth and all your kitty colleagues." - BJF

"Play review: THE ANTIPODES - Stray Cat Theatre opened their season last night with Annie Baker's THE ANTIPODES.  It's a difficult play to describe -- in a nutshell, it's a story about telling stories.  Our cast is assembled in a writer's room, spit balling ideas and sharing anecdotes from their pasts, all with the goal of generating a new kind of story that will change the world. 
It's an interesting look at one of the oldest art forms, examining what we bare when we tell personal tales, how excruciating the creative process can be, and how the act of storytelling can change people. 
Anyone who's ever shared an embarrassing recollection from the past or been uncomfortable in a workspace should identify with the characters here.  Everyone in the cast has at least one memorable moment, ranging from hilariously inappropriate to endearingly vulnerable. 
- ET 

"You guys, one thing you need to know about THE ANTIPODES at Stray Cat Theatre: the performances are tremendous." - BU

"As a season member of Stray Cat Theatre, I’m always amazed about the uniqueness of the plays...This one was very unique! Starting with the name!...The cast was superb in delivering their lines...Michael Thompson’s delivery of his diatribe towards the end of the play was beyond unbelievable! It deserved a standing ovation! Given without a hitch!...Great start for the season!" - LL

"I liked the play very much (!), for too many diverse reasons for this space. It’s intellectually challenging and very well acted. We’re still talking about it this morning...It will not be everyone’s cup-o-tea but Stray Cat has definitely made me an Annie Baker fan." - DW

"What an awesome show. I was laughing the entire time." - SP