Sunday, May 5, 2024
Talkin’ Broadway


Stray Cat Theatre is presenting the local premiere production of Yockey's play, which premiered at the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and it's a doozy. With a fantastic cast and crisp direction, it's macabre, creepy, comical, kooky, and a slow burn of a surreal thriller that brings its horror slowly to the forefront. It's also a whole lot of fun and a play that will make you think.

Yockey is no stranger to Stray Cat and his plays are often full of dark and macabre characters, themes and moments. While it is a dark comedy, Sleeping Giant also focuses on the fascination of the unknown and the desire to become a member of a group in order to find a sense of belonging. Yockey adds in some very comical characters and situations that help ease the tension and make the transitions into the unknown elements in the play more impactful. There are also many jarring moments of discomfort and other worldly elements that keep one engaged throughout.

Yockey's characters are all realistic and, while the plot is far fetched at times, the scenes all build to an appropriate ending. The cast features Ksjusha Povod, Louis Farber, Allison Sell, and Tanner J. Conley, all of whom expertly dive head first into the horror elements of the play while also creating portrayals that are realistic with comical undertones.

The creative elements are excellent.

The meaning of the play and its title character is clearly up to interpretation, but whether its political, religious, or has to do with the lengths people will go to in order to believe in something, or even just the dread and fear some have of making a decision, it's the sense of the unknown that he focuses on and the fact that there is a lot to be fearful of at the moment that can grow into a feeling of dread. What we need to remember is, we can't let the fear get the best of us and that it's never too late to fight back at the sleeping giants around us.