Wednesday, February 28, 2024
Broadway World


Having attended both versions of Until the Flood, (Ryan L. Jenkins and Tanner J. Conley as understudy), there is no doubt about its success from a performance and subject matter perspective.

Ryan L. Jenkins commands the stage as the storyteller. Her intensity, focus, and rawness grip the audience making a person sit on the edge of their seat, fidget nervously, and lean back in awe as each new character comes to life. With a simple costume piece or prop, curated effectively by Jessie Tully and Dawn Conry respectively, each transition flowed into the other with that feeling of community. One moment in particular that was masterful was her transition from Hassan to Connie. The juxtaposition between the two, leaving a hyped-up teenager and becoming a quiet, unassuming teacher, was a lesson in nuance and character study. Jenkins gave the soul of Ferguson and worked the floor to the very end.

Until the Flood delivers unforgettable portrayals of characters based on real-life people grappling with profound societal challenges in the wake of a communal tragedy. It leaves a lasting impact, compelling audiences to confront uncomfortable truths and inspire a renewed commitment to empathy, understanding, and social justice. It emerges as a moving and timely piece of theatre that demands to be seen and heard. ongoing societal debates. This is the final week of production. Make sure you don’t miss this profound and gripping theatrical experience.