Review: GHOSTS OF BOGOTÁ Opens Inspired Season at Stray Cat Theatre

Tuesday, October 4, 2022
Broadway World


Consider Kushner's - or Ruhl's - penchant for magical realism, but through the unique lens of the Latinx experience. Burbano dispenses a delectable sass while flouting the spectral realm of departed kin. She checks the boxes, if you will, and treads where lesser dramatists might opt for a quick detour.

Care for a disembodied talking head of Jesus? Or a despised grandfather's ashes in a cookie tin? Mind you, that's merely scratching the surface

It should be said that Diana Burbano has gifted the community with a fearless piece of artwork, not to mention a symbolic bridge linking the traditions that have served us well to the burgeoning possibility that is vibrant and inclusive. And in a theatre canon historically dominated by men, it's energizing to come across new works written and populated by women of power and agency.