Once upon a movie theater...

Tuesday, October 1, 2013
Art Musings

There’s a new movie theater tucked away in Tempe, but it’ll get torn down in just a matter of days. It’s a set designed by Eric Beeck for Stray Cat Theatre’s production of playwright Annie Baker’s “The Flick,” a strikingly smart and original play for and about film aficionados.

In nearly every exquisitely constructed sentence or phrase, I found a multitude of meanings. While it’s perfectly possible to enjoy the play as a mere window into three people’s mundane lives, it’s clear Baker meant to offer theater goers a great deal more.

Flick your fingers as if swatting an errant crumb away and you’ll get a sense for something the play poignantly conveys — the ease with which we discard all sorts of things nowadays. Our own feelings. Others’ misery. Classic art forms. Aging technology.

(louis) Farber’s performance is especially riveting. He’ll draw you immediately into the world of “The Flick,” where coping mechanisms include playing a game of connect-the-dots with films that have several degrees of separation.

Stray Cat Theatre’s production of “The Flick,” which is brilliantly directed by May, ends Saturday...