Fascinating Character Study in 'Everything Will Be Different'

Sunday, September 28, 2008
CurtainUp Phoenix / KBAQ

“Everything Will Be Different” traces Charlotte as she struggles to escape her miserable life by living in an imaginary world influenced by Helen from the ancient Trojan legend. Charlotte isn’t attractive, has an abusive father, and lacks acceptance. She tackles things that scare her by escaping into a make-believe world where everything works. This sick teenager desperately needs help. The psychological exploration is insightfully written by playwright Mark Schultz. The Stray Cat production, staged with elegant simplicity by Ron May, boasts a fine cast headed by Willa Darian’s intense Charlotte, and Cale Epps’ forceful Harry, the girl’s bizarre father. Others play people in and around Charlotte’s life and they create vivid portrayals that twist and change whether they are in the girl’s real or imagined life.

Grade: B

Everything Will Be Different