Curtain Critic: High fives all around for Stray Cat Theatre’s ‘Hand to God’

Monday, February 12, 2018
Downtown Devil


For a horror-inspired story about possession, “Hand to God” brings forth more bursts of laughter than jump scares.

The play is as well-executed as it is outrageous. Every one of its actors gives their all to their role, making sure that audience members are completely wrapped up in the story, no matter how absurd or farcical it can get.

Although the raunchiness of “Hand to God” made me gasp and shake my head in embarrassment, just as often as I covered my face, I was run out of breath with laughter at its hilarity.

The show’s technical elements were perfect, from blood spurting out of Timothy’s face when Tyrone bit his ear off, to well-timed songs from the Exorcist and Jaws.

The Stray Cat Theatre troupe’s perfect execution, from acting to production, deserves a generous hand of applause.