Audience purring for SLEEPING GIANT

Sunday, May 19, 2024
reactions from patrons


"I saw the Friday night performance. I’ve seen a lot of local, independent theatre through the years that’s — well — “marginal,” although well-meaning. But THIS … wow! What an expert piece of theatre! A fantastic story that really moved, and actors that truly understood what they needed to convey. They “got” it. And so did the audience. Thank you all for your hard work & to Stray Cat Theatre for exciting theatre!" - DB

"Saw it last weekend!  What a great cast!!!  Thank you Stray Cat for a fun night of theater!!" - MA

"Thank you guys for bringing all the goods and laughs and scares.  Always a treat." - CG

"Wow what an incredible piece. Loved it ! The cast is amazing!!!!! Thank you!!!" - JB

"Not to be missed! We had an incredible time last night. Yockey and Stray Cat were a match made in heaven." - MS

"Stray Cat knocks it out of the park yet again with Steve Yockey’s dark comedy “Sleeping Giant.” The amazing cast telling the story of an awakened primordial beast that demands obedience and sacrifice, and how people react to it - from fanatical cults to those doing their best to avoid acknowledging the world they are now living in. “No one makes people do horrible things; some people want an excuse to do horrible things.” Entertaining and horrifying, there’s only one more night to see it for yourself!" - AH

“RUN don’t walk down to the lake… Tempe Town lake at the @tempearts for @straycattheatre phenomenal production of @steveyockey76 SLEEPING GIANT. This production has it all: hysteria, fish guts, burlesque dance, running water, greek gods, you name it. @louisfarber performance is a guiding light as you follow his many characters in a small town turned upside down. AllisonSell is a hilarious treasure and @ksjusha314 & @tannerjconley1999 round out the cast wonderfully, all with immaculate performances. Don't read a synopsis, don't do any research, just go see. Two more chances! Tonight & tomorrow @ 7:30PM“ - DL

“Hold on! A Loch Ness-type creature emerges from a lake with biblical allusions and even though its behavior is overpowering, irrational, violent and charismatic, people follow it, worship it, sacrifice each other for it?!  What kind of a scenario is that? Such a bizarre fantasy, and one that could NEVER actually….uh…. Wait a minute….. Let me think about this…..GO SEE IT!!” - DB

“Once again Louis Farber showcased his abundant creative talents on stage throughout this funny and excruciatingly wierd production! His cast mates excelled tonight, as well! Set design was so effective in its simplicity.” - LP

“Had a fun night out seeing Stray Cat Theatre's Sleeping Giant. The show was fabulously weird! I don't think a more perfect cast of four could have been chosen....they each played multiple characters and were amazing in every role! Local favorite, Louis Farber, commands the stage and nails every line while keeping  everyone laughing. And, I was extra excited to see Tanner J Conley perform again. He is a recent graduate of ASU's theatre program and I predict that we will be seeing much more of him in future productions!’ - KK

"Adored this show more than I have words for!" - EJ

“I just saw Sleeping Giant tonight and it was truly spectacular. Congratulations on a wonderful production as always!” - SP

“Just saw Stray Cats Sleeping Giant- just wow!!!  mind blown!!! If you haven’t seen it- GO! I’m not going to spoil it- but I’m not eating cake for a while…. Just a sharp sharp sharp production and closes this weekend!!! GO. Thanks Ron May for a fantastic production!” - CS

“All I can say about SLEEPING GIANT is wooow!” - LC

"You need to run and see Sleeping Giant at Stray Cat Theatre!!!!!! I had no idea what the play was about, but let me tell you!!!!! I was not disappointed!!!! That acting was phenomenal!!!! I will be watching Disney before bed!!!" - AM

"OMG! Stray Cats "Sleeping Giant" is sooooooo good!!! A MUST SEE!!!!" - LR

"the perfect mix of hilarity and horror." - RM

"excellent production - great cast - full of surprises." - JP

“It's funny, it's weird, it's creepy, and the way these characters are acting might remind you of things in real life.” - ET

"Saw an excellent production at Stray Cat Theatre by our favorite director, Ron May! Isn't it strange what lengths people will go to believe in something or someone? Reminds me of the political situation today. Steve Yockey, the playwright, is always insightful! There is still time to get a ticket!" - BO

"I got to see Stray Cat Theatre's production of Sleeping Giant...a few nights ago. I think it's one of Stray Cat's best shows I've seen so far: a funny, dramatic, intriguing story about how people react individually and collectively in the face of the disturbingly unknown. (An ill-fated illegal fireworks display in a lakeside tourist town awakens an ancient creature in the lake that some folk swear they can communicate with.) The acting and set design are great, if you get the chance I highly recommend seeing the play." - MC

"Great work as always from @straycattheatre. Right up my alley...Tense, funny, with a bit of horror." - CC

"Just saw Sleeping Giant. Everything about it was brilliant...The acting was so tight and the tempo was perfection. The set and the lighting were the best I've seen all year, even scene changes were beautifully glad I got to experience it!" - KR

"Oh my God that show is insane and I love it! So awesome! There's so many things to talk about!" - KM

"Stray Cat’s latest… Steve Yockey play! Worth seeing, friends. Loved this one. Cast, writing, direction- just perfect. Thought and conversation provoking for sure! This one will no doubt remain in top 3 Kitty shows!" - MW

"Must see!!! So good!!!" - AJ

"Great show! Congrats, everyone!" - TB

"Just home from seeing Sleeping Giant at Stray Cat. This is now in my top 2 favorites from the Stray Cat team. Great script, incredible acting, wonderfully directed. The creep factor was spot on with this one. A reminder of how lucky this town is to have a theater making this kind of work. Congratulations Ron May Louis Farber Shelly Trujillo. Still some chances to catch this one" - CH

"That was so fucking good!!!! Like stupid good!!!! Thank you and thank [that] crazy talented cast and creative & design team! You guys did the fucking thing with this show!!! Congratulations!" - PP

"Great job with sleeping giant! Seen it twice now and it’s so entertaining with little nuances and great performances. Kudos!" - CW

"I saw it on thursday with my brother and we loved it! So creepy and funny and *good*!" - MM

"Had such a great time at this show! Thank you for the laughs, and jump scares, and for bringing this to all of us!!!" - AB

"Home from seeing the incredible performance of “Sleeping Giant” @straycattheatre (if you don’t have [tix] GET THEM NOW)" - SI

"Go see this amazing show!  It’s delight and weird and has some lovely Lovecraftian vibes." - HH

"If you're in Phoenix this month don't miss this show.  So good!" - RM


"Stray Cat Theatre's newest play is a big bizarre unsettling thrill. Treat yourself to something WEIRD!" - HC

"Ron, congratulations on your SLEEPING GIANT. Not easy material to pull off, but you certainly have. I was entertained but also am still thinking about "what it meant." I love an allegory that lingers. Hey. I saw two plays in New York that included full-on [special effects redacted so as not to spoli], and in both cases they felt gimmicky, as in "We can do this, so let's do this." Your [special effects redacted so as not to spoil] at the end of the story was so less gratuitous and truly sinister. - RP

"Holy shit that cast. LOVE a good mix of creepy and hilarious. And some of the creepy moments were SCARY!" - MA

"SO GOOD!!!" - NA

"It was great! A scary and funny too-close-to-home cautionary tale from always delightful and weird Steve Yockey’s pen with stellar performances.Congratulations all - your words and worlds are profound and challenging and beautiful and terrible, Steve. Thank you." - BF

"Please go see SLEEPING GIANT at Stray Cat. It's a really good time. You won't be disappointed." - SM

"This play is weird, and thought-provoking, and awesome! (The performances are, too!!!)" - CW

"Great show, Ron! Four terrific performers, a fascinating script and stellar direction!" - DG

"...this show is just so delicious. I am not shy in my love for Steve Yockey’s plays - every one has left me feeling a certain way. This one is no different. And watching [this] cast just throw the ball back and forth over and over and it landing every single time? It’s just so good." - BU

"If you have even a passing interest in HP Lovecraft, or just like dark humor, you should really do yourself a favor and go see Stray Cat's latest production, Sleeping Giant. You've only got 2 more weeks, so get on it! It's a fantastic show!" - JD

"Absolutely amazing show." - MH

"...soo good. It's funny and creepy!...see it!" - DS

"For everyone we've ever told about Stray Cat, go see this show!" - AC

"Do you like Dead Boy Detectives on Netflix?! You're in luck, an absolutely unhinged production of "Sleeping Giant", by Steve Yockey is at Stray Cat Theatre, directed by Ron May! Like a slap to the face, the acting here demands attention. Everyone was dialed in, at the top of their game, and determined to deliver humor, horror, and occasional shock. The strength of the writing clearly made it a joy to wield these weaponized words, a juicy cacophony of chaos that left a great impression, and maybe some unanswered questions! I recommend you RUN not walk, to the nearest (Tempe Town) Lake to see this show.  Don't forget your dancing shoes..." - BM

"Don’t sleep on this one! The crazy in this production is justified because you’ve got great direction and one hell of a group of actors to execute it. Not to mention that Allison Sell’s facial expressions alone are worth the price of admission! Well done once again Stray Cat Theatre!" - VC

"This show was a Theatre High. "Sleeping Giant" by talented playwright Steve Yockey. Gave me that giddy feeling you get after great theatre and take with you on drive home, all the buttons were pushed, had all these emotional bursts of laughter and exclamations, on edge of chair to get closer, and muffled little screams, and the watch of glorious interaction and delivery by all the actors and director, artists involved. Definitely need to see, maybe more than once. Absolutely loved it." - DL

"Awesome show with an amazing cast." - DW

"Congratulations to the cast and crew of Sleeping Giant…. Amazing show… amazing talent with Ron May at the helm the dark and smart script by Steve Yockey …. Made for a dark comedy with a thought provoking…well I won’t say just go see it …. Runs thru May 18th… don’t miss out on this show…" - SL

"It was so good.  Laughed so much.  Was also creeped out.  Go see it!  So truly spectacular performances.  Congrats to everyone involved!!!" - JL

"Wow great play by Steve Yockey with brilliant acting and direction. Go see this play! This is one that you will tell people years later, “Yeah I saw that and  it was special to be part of that audience!” - JDL

"Opening night for the electric, ethereal, effervescent, and exciting show SLEEPING GIANT. This show is definitely one for the books. In true Stray Cat fashion, you won’t see this anywhere and I wouldn’t trust it in anyone else’s hands. May 3-18. Please come. It’s intense, will make you jump, and leave you thinking about things for a good while.  It is a wonder to behold." - AG

"Go see this very funny dark twisted comedy directed by Ron May at Stray Cat Theatre!!! Everything was great, acting, sets, lighting, sound, story, subtle details, etc. ALL Brilliant.
It's been too long since getting to enjoy a treat like this.  I am very very glad I planned to go see this even before learning recent sad news about one of our theatre legends last week.
Thank you to everyone involved from cast to crew for giving us a wonderful Friday night out. Hats off to you all!" - SC

"The mind of Steve Yockey is a nice place to visit, but I'm kind of glad I don't live there." - JG