Wednesday, March 30, 2022
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"Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed Sheepdog. It was an amazing show, and the actors were phenomenal. It was so great to be back at a Stray Cat show after so long away!" - EL

"Last night I saw a play that will be on my mind for a very long time. A massive congratulations to @i_am_shonda_royall @that_dam_lumberjack @louisfarber @tianatdesign and @straycattheatre" - NA

"Don’t miss out on SHEEPDOG by Kevin Artigue at Stray Cat Theatre! Smart script, moving performances, and electric momentum from the direction." - JP

"Thanks to .. the whole team for producing this play full of questions that we desperately need to be asking. “Sheepdog” is potent and really demands we think long and hard about policing in the country and its unacceptable toll on individuals, relationships, and the Black community. If it hadn’t closed last night, I would urge everyone to see it. Meantime, grateful I did and that it is showing up on season announcements across the country." - BF

"It was fantastic!" - MD

"It was such a juicy and delicious show!' - GC

"Beautifully directed, executed, presented, performed, all of the above!!!" - VC

"Just watched the closing performance of “Sheepdog” at Stray Cat Theatre.  Fantastic! Congratulations to Louis Farber and his excellent cast - Shonda Royall and Devon Mahon.  First rate work. Thank you Stray Cat Theatre and Ron May!" - ML

"I hate theater. I hate it. Stray Cat Theatre however, made me like it. Sheepdog is good (if you love theater, imagine what you will think). It's also short(I love this). It's also a good story. It's also got talented people showing off true talents (the 2 leads are devestatingly good). See it." - HO 

"This is a powerful piece of theatre. It's exquisitely acted, it's intimate, it asks hard questions, and it connects on a level that is visceral and real. I highly recommend seeing it before it closes this weekend." - ET 

"This show is intense and amazing and the actors are incredible!! I was invested in the story within the first 5 min. of them taking the stage. You must go see!!" - KV

"Last night I went to Stray Cat Theatre's SHEEPDOG and OF COURSE, I am still processing it today - oof, it takes you on a ride which was made that much more vivid (for me) given that it's set in my old neighborhood in eastside Cleveland. 
I think that the mark of a good actor is making you delve into a story, losing yourself for a little bit. The mark of a great actor shakes up your mind to the point where you don't know which side is up and makes you question things, yourself, and just life. In Sheepdog, Devon Mahon and Shonda Royall do just that and take you where you don't want to go, but where you NEED to. 
Devon reels you in with his homespun goodness only to turn you on your heels to reveal a conflicted character who tried and failed in his life intentions. I will never get the image of his haunted face out of my brain - conversely, being able to snap on a dime scared the shit out of me and damn near triggered me.
Shonda's role as the narrator and character is crafted beautifully - she takes you by the hand and walks you through her joys, agonies, triumph, and tragedies, making you feel all of them. By the time she is done with you, your heart is much heavier than you began, feeling equal parts hopeful and hopeless and questioning how you move around in a world filled with inconclusive answers. If you have the opportunity, please go see Sheepdog. Mad purring to everyone involved." - AG

"Stray Cat Theatre never disappoints! Another powerful production with “Sheepdog” now playing at the Tempe Center for the Arts! Thought provoking script with stellar performances by Devon Mahon and Shonda Royall. Shonda makes an impressive star turn; what can’t she do?! I consider myself lucky to have experienced another challenging and rewarding night at the theatre! Kudos to everyone involved, and congratulations to director Louis Farber and assistant director Brianna Leann Fallon on creating a well crafted night of intimate theater! Always impressed by the work the Cats and Kittens do!" - ST

"Powerful script, impressive performances, and thoughtful direction  Get to SHEEPDOG before it closes." - ST

"These performances are INCREDIBLE. This is important, impactful, MUST-SEE theatre! Don’t miss it!" - CC

"Please catch this powerful piece of theater at Stray Cat Theatre before it closes on Saturday! Excellent work, all! Congrats to all involved." - KM

"We saw Sheepdog on Sunday...The script is very thought-provoking; the performances were powerful, the set and projections were creative. Looking forward to seeing Assasins." - KK

"Stray Cat's Sheepdog. Went Sunday afternoon...I can never say enough about Stray Cat and it's programming and showcase of great theatre that exposes us to theatre in the Valley we may never see if it weren't for SC's desire for more. Same here with Sheepdog. And what I took home -- thinking I have some understanding but really don't. And you go away and think about it all day and realize there may never be an answer but you could investigate further or do something more. What that is. And that's what Devon Mahon (always captivating to me) and Shonda Royall (so present and strong in her portrayal) and Louis Farber (fresh and passionate and new) and all the tech and mgmt involved .... Set design, the artistic striking light and stage movement did for me. Tremendous. And then there was the one small yet symbolically huge part of the set design that affected me with its quiet but loud statement. Which I can't mention now but will someday because it would spoil your own impression you had or will have after you go see the show.  Congrats Stray Cat. Again and again. Paw highs. Go see it my friends. Go see it. !​" - DL

"I wanted to see this, but hearing all my theatre friends rave about it............I NEED to see this." - DR

"Saw it last night. This was one of my favorite theatre experiences ever." - PM

"We enjoyed the play Friday evening. The issues were contemporary. The actors were totally believable. See it if you get the opportunity." - RW

"Thank you to the cast and crew of Sheepdog. It was another great piece of theater. An important show and an important story to hear. If you haven’t seen this show, please take the time to go and see it, you won’t regret it. Shonda Royall and Devon Mahon put forth a major effort in portraying the hard message this story tells some. Thank you Louis Farber for directing this piece and thank you Stray Cat Theatre for giving Arizona the opportunity to see this great show." - BM

"SHEEPDOG at Stray Cat Theatre is MUST SEE theatre. It’s a story that is necessary to be told, and it is a theatrical experience that is completely captivating. I’m begging you all to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go see it. It runs until Saturday, March 26th. Go to to get your tickets now!" - MT

"I had the privilege to see Sheepdog at Stray Cat Theatre last night. This is easily the best piece of theater I've seen in the last 3 years! 
For starters, the script is amazing. But is exquisitely cast, acted and directed! All around, this company is FLEXING! The icing on top is the set design, which is a beautiful metaphor for the story unfolding and manages to add commentary to the plot by just EXISTING on the same stage as the performers.
Without giving away any spoilers, this is a heartbreaking story of two people in an impossible situation doing the very best that they can. And I LOVED it! Go. See it while you still can!" - JD

"Excellent production!" - JES

"Go see Stray Cat's Sheepdog. It does what good theatre should do... makes you think and feel" - JB

"Loved SHEEPDOG tonight. Shonda and Devon were incredible! Bravo!!!" - VD

"…I finally have a pause to write about opening night of “Sheepdog” at Stray Cat. This is the kind of work that isn’t being made enough. This is the kind of work that has cemented Stray Cats’ importance to our Valley theatre ecosystem. Louis Farber has directed an important and timely piece. Devon Mahon gives his best performance that I’ve ever seen. Thrilled to meet Shonda Royall on that stage. Congratulations to Ron May and all his kitties for continually making us think and for making theater that continually sparks conversation long after the curtain call." - CH

"…ended our night seeing Sheepdog at Stray Cat Theatre. What an incredible show that everyone should see. Louis Farber did an insane job directing this piece in such a deliberate and thoughtful way. Devon and Shonda were SO good. Like….I don’t even have words." - ST

"Another splendid production by Stray Cat Theatre. Devon Mahon & Shonda Royall were outstanding! The direction of Louis Farber was creative and superb!" - BO

"Our last time in the theatre together was March 6, 2020. It's been over two years and I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate our March date night (day) than with this incredible Stray Cat show. Congratulations to everyone involved, it was a beautiful, thought-provoking and poignant play. #straycattheatre #datenight #daydate #tempeaz #theatreeverywhere" - MHB

"…This is an absolutely vital piece to see based on its relevance to today alone, and the performances from both actors left me shattered in the best way possible. I'm honestly still speechless over a lot of it, but those were the first words I could manage to get out. I'm genuinely upset I can't see it again with my partner (and that he had to miss it)." - JW

"What a great play! Got to see it on opening night and was amazed by the performances." - AI

“I went to see this tonight. Amazing play, awesome story, phenomenal acting. I was completely pulled in.” - instagram

"...saw Devon Mahon in the incredible production of "Sheepdog" last night, and it was AMAZING! Devon, you and Shonda knocked it out of the park! We were captivated the entire time. We haven't been able to stop talking about it! Run, don't walk to get your tickets and see this amazing, relevant piece." - AW

"Just saw it - excellent performance and production! We loved it." - instagram

"Got to see a Stray Cat Theatre production in person for the first time in 8 years thanks to a quick Phoenix trip.   The company is even better than I remember! Phoenix people check out Sheepdog while you can! It is an incredible production!" - MS

"Make time to see this gem. It’s worth it." - RH

"I just saw Sheepdog at Stray Cat Theatre tonight.  This is a must see theatre.  Nothing I can say will do it justice.  What a powerful and impactful show...I will be thinking about it for days....Congrats to all involved!" - CC

"If you have the chance, please go see SHEEPDOG! Thank you for the wonderful show, Stray Cat Theatre." - SS

"...truly amazing performances that hopefully continues conversations." - TVD

"Loved the play! So glad I got to see it! Congrats to all on a job well done!" - AS 

"I thought this play was awesome & every wannabe police officer & police chief should see it because it shows many aspects of the job & does not take or favor any one side." - JP

"Absolutely breathtaking message, lesson, talent, set, and overall production. Stray Cat Theatre never disappoints and this is one that everyone needs to see. Words can’t express the impact this show has, could have, and should have." - JG

"BRAVO on such an amazing production! So powerful, real, raw and emotional. Well done in every way!" - LP

"Y'all really need to see this one. I'm gonna have to put it up there with THE WHALE for kicking my ass…" - JG

"Powerful theatre." - JL

"Saw a truly amazing, moving, thought provoking show, SHEEPDOG at Stray Cat Theatre. Beautifully directed by Louis Farber and an all around beautiful production...Absolutely riveting performances by Shonda Royall and Devon Mahon." - PT