Saturday, December 16, 2023
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"So good, and such a powerhouse cast!" - KC

"Had a blast at POTUS!" - RA

"Haven't laughed that hard at a show in a while. I am absolutely amazed. WOW. Such talent all around." - SH

"...catch this wild romp of a comedy "Potus". Check it out at Stray Cat Theatre. Congratulations to Katie McFadzen and the brilliant cast. Fun show!" - JR

“This show was incredibly hilarious.  The  cast did an amazing job tonight.  Stray Cat Theatre did it again. Great job everyone.” - EB

“Amazing work.” - MH

"There’s nothing I can say about Stray Cat Theatre’s production of POTUS that hasn’t been said more eloquently and by more influencial people. The script is hysterical, the talent is unreal, it exceeds the social media hype, AND you only have two more chances to see it: tonight and tomorrow. " - CC

"I have been chuckling reliving scenes in my head for days now." - NG

"Let's talk about this show: Go. See. It. Talk about a dynamite director who knows comedy in and out, mixed with an all-star cast of Arizona superstars, at one of the best theatres still. You only have 2 more chances to see it snd you will not be disappointed with this production." - VC

"You HAVE to see this before it closes!" - AG

“We saw this last night and it was an absolute riot!!!!!” - HRH

"Fun show! I gotta get a turtle neck now." - KH

"My daughter and I laughed our faces off last night. What an amazing talented group of women. So glad we got to see it." - PG

"Want to laugh your ass off? Want to see 7 of the funniest women tear the stage up in one of the most ridiculous, unexpected, fairly disgusting comedies to be produced locally in years? Do not miss POTUS at Stray Cat Theatre. The only theatre producing new, daring, female focused plays in the Valley. This is a hard R-Rating, and totally work every bad word, vomit filled, bloody minute. Did I mention the play also happens to have been a Broadway hit and Tony Award nominee? Yeah, that too. Congrats to everyone involved, especially the cast and director!!" - ST

"They were all so funny! We had such a good time!" - KK

"It was awesome!" - MH

"Go see this show!...You will not regret seeing this hilarious show!" - NR

"It was hysterically funny!" - JM

"This was WAY more fun that I even imagined. Go see this tonight! Don’t wait." - KC

"if you have NOT seen this show yet: GO  SEE IT (and empty your bladder beforehand, you'll thank me later)” - JW

"10/10!" - GT

“This was one of the funniest performances I have seen in a long time!!!!!  Please go see it!!!!   Everyone is amazing!!!!!” - AM

"Laughs aplenty, a cast that seems to be having a lot of fun, great direction, all led excellent production!" - BO


"Had a great time last night...laughed a ton!!!" - PM

"Sooooo freaking good!!!!" - AM

"see POTUS at stray cat theatre. it’s too good to miss." - BS

"POTUS at Stray Cat Theatre is GD best romp-com I've ever seen and THE BEST thing you could do with your free time this weekend or next! Every human on and off stage in this hilariously wild, too-true take on modern politics deserves a Standing O! Congrats to everyone involved, can't wait to see it again...pure hilarity!" - KS

"I want to see it again!" - CJ

"POTUS trail stop # 10: Stray Cat Theatre, Tempe, AZ.
Stray Cat is Arizona's theatre for all things edgy. They've never done the same show twice, though I hope they'll break their rule for POTUS one day.
Brilliant creative decisions were made onstage and I cackled the whole show." - BW

"I hope everyone sees POTUS at Stray Cat. I laughed so hard on opening night…it’s just so awesome to see these talented women do what they do best in a play written by a woman, directed by a woman…I’m so happy it exists and I wish it happened more often." - KB

"Standing ovation worthy! What a great treat this afternoon." -  RB

"I laughed so hard!!" - JH

"Saw POTUS Sunday afternoon by Stray Cat Theatre. Wildly funny and it goes off in unexpected directions And the “bitch beats” music is one of the best soundtracks ever! A couple of friends of mine saw it last night. Their take: ”Wow! That was amazing! I asked my wife for a few words to describe it, and she suggested “zany” and “unhinged”. I’m really glad we went! I’m still trying to figure out what the hell happened. Sorry some of you missed it!" - LP

"This is one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. Be prepared for a non-stop stream of Rated R language. So hilarious from beginning to end! A fabulous cast. Emily Mohney, wandering through every scene in an altered state was so funny. I needed a show like this right now. Irreverant, over-the-top, a comic book vision of the White House in chaos. Women thrown into crisis mode trying to do damage control after the vulgar, childish, out-of-touch ocommander in chief (we never see) provokes an international  situation." - PT

"Saw this play last night and it's non stop laughs from beginning to end. One of Stray Cat Theatre best." - DF

"The show was hilarious you don't want to miss it!" - TT

"…it was phenomenal, would see again in a heartbeat." - MS

"It’s brilliantly hilarious! I cried laughing." - LH

"...I nearly died laughing at @straycattheatre’s current play, “POTUS: Or, Behind Every Great Dumbass Are Seven Women Trying to Keep Him Alive.” I haven’t seen anything this funny in ages. Highly recommend." - MC

"Amazing work!" - AS

"Hysterical!! OMG I loved POTUS!!! My face hurts from laughing - my hands hurt from clapping - hysterical and brilliantly done ladies!!!!" - CS

"I’ll be blunt. If you’re going to this show, drain your bladder as much as possible just before curtain. It's really that funny." - JG

"If you’re up for a laugh that’s not holiday themed and definitely not politically correct, but also so absolutely gratifying - go see POTUS @ Stray Cat Theatre. Kudos to Katie McFadzen and the rest of the #girlpower team who put on this fabulous show!" - SF

"Saw it last night and you guys slayed!" - MH