Saturday, December 17, 2022
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"So thankful we were here! This production is just wow. Will take some time to process for absolute sure. Stray Cat Theatre never ever disappoints and this was the wrecking ball we came prepared for and then some. Beautiful work by everyone involved." - NJ​

"The women in this show are amazing!" - AI

"I'm proud of these ferocious women who took the stage in Stray Cat Theatre 's La Ruta. Tears were shed and I am incredibly proud of Estrella Paloma and Zee Yuban Bandeet's performances. The music is glorious and omg I'm not kidding about the show pulling your heartstrings. May the women and girls affected by the Juaréz femicides never be forgotten. Congratulations to the cast and crew! Be sure to check out their last two performances!" - GT

"The show is very powerful. La Ruta tells about the women murdered in Juárez. It is showing for two more nights, go and see it if you have a chance. Great job Chris, cast, and crew!" - JW

"Had the opportunity to see it Saturday and not gonna lie I'm still processing what I saw. Such a raw, tragically beautiful show.
It's been a minute since I've seen a show that's required a few extra days of processing time, but I swear I say that in the best way possible. And even though I THOUGHT I knew what I was walking into, I still couldn't be prepared for the vulnerability and rawness and just flat out truth that takes place on that stage. Like holy shit. 
I also have a good friend in this who gives a PHENOMENAL performance, so maybe I'm biased. But in fairness, all the actors are damn near perfection in their roles, so I don't think I'm THAT biased. Just...go see it." - JW

”We went to see the play La Ruta…starring an all female ensemble, featuring very talented women. Very good play to say the least.” - KF

"As a newly diagnosed neurodivergent I LOVED the visual elements and your CAST?! Freaking, I was crying after the opening song. I think I was the only one laughing at the comedic bits lol Loads of white people not sure of what to do was one of my favorite parts as an audience member. As a kiddo that was warned and heard about the femicide in Juarez, it was the ride that perfectly captured how my family learned to grieve and explain the unexplainable...The crosses the character arcs, it was so gooood!...I want to see it again next weekend. It was beautifully done and a story that so needed to be told." - LA

"Incredible moving play." - JDL

"Hey AZ peeps. I know the holidays get hectic but I implore you all to take a break from your busy lives and go see La Ruta at Stray Cat. The show is important on so many levels. The cast is SUPERB! The set, costume and media design are perfect. The music is not only moving, but at many times haunting and beautiful at the same time. The complexity and depth of this show is not to be missed. Congratulations to everyone and thank you for a very moving and important night of art." - RL

"I'm going to break my usual review format and tell Phoenix folks to just go see this one. The story is hard and important, the performances are moving, the music is achingly beautiful.
It is not so much a play to be enjoyed, but it is one to be deeply moved by.
Don't miss this one." - ET


"A powerful play with lots to ponder...a "don't miss" show." - RW

" highly recommend seeing this play, it is intense, but very well done!" - RC

“I saw this powerful performance last night. Fantastic!’ - BL

"Another powerful performance by Stray Cat. All the actors were incredibly talented!" - BO

"Powerful, haunting, emotional and heartbreaking production telling the story of the lost women of Juarez, Mexico! Kudos to all eight women in the cast! Set design was so effective in every scene, Tiana Torrilhon-Wood! Congratulations Director, Chris R. Chávez! Grateful Ron May and Stray Cat Theatre bring these often untold stories to forefront!" - LP

“ I got to see this show on Friday and I've been trying to come up with the words to for it ever since. Im at a loss. Just go see it.” - DS

"Devastated, and quite frankly, 90 minutes closer to full-blown misandry. Thank you to the women on this stage who carried us through your grief." - EM

"Cried like a baby." - LH

"Got to experience this heart breakingly beautiful play this weekend" - KR

"Very compelling piece…I left the theater with a lump in my throat." - AN

"You have got to experience this. Runs through 12/17." - SR

"Thank you to Stray Cat Theatre and the cast and crew of LA RUTA! Absolutely stunning performance." - JR