Monday, May 29, 2023
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“Super entertaining.” - RW

"One of the best shows we've seen!!! Please come back soon!!!" - instagram

"...amazing! We laughed our booties off!" - LM

“Such a great, uplifting show! It would certainly be worth your while to make space for it in your plans…!” - MH

“Nonstop. Entrancing. Wonderful. Hilarious. Inspiring.” - GE

“I saw it last night,  Wonderful!!!!  Now I want to bring my mom to see it!” - RW

“It's a great show!” - CB

“Wonderful show- go see it!!” - WS

“It was a terrific show! Ithamar is so very talented!” - BO

“If you are near Tempe…go see this. So much joy. Ithamar is a comedic wizard.” - NM

“Saw the show last night…it’s splendid and wonderful!” - JG

“Opening night of this truly original and fun staging, written and performed by Ithamar Enriquez! So grateful Ron May brought this unique production to us as his closer to this season of Stray Cat Theatre! Bonus this evening only, was the surprise post show talk- back followed by the appearance of director, Frank Caeti. Frank and Ithamar proceeded to delight those present with an impromptu improv performance!” - LP

“To think I was leery of seeing this performance. It was an absolutely outstanding performance & "so easy to hear every word he spoke"!”- JP

“GO SEE THIS! It’s laugh out loud funny! And you don’t even notice he doesn’t speak. My favorite part? Tiny dancer. (Heck, I’d even see it again.)” - LP

“Delightful. This show is a great Stop What You Are Doing for an Hour and Go Break Away. Ithamar Enriquez' one man show made me laugh and delight in simple pleasures. His physicality, improv, facial expressions, and hands!…Stray Cat's last show of their remarkable season.” - DL

“You are missing out if you don’t catch this show….I suggest you take advantage of those chances…I laughed so much and was amazed by Ithamar’s talent…thank you for such a wonderful performance it was amazing.” - SL

“My sister and sis in law took me to see Ithamar Has Nothing To Say for my Birthday , I have never laughed so much it was fabulous and I would tell everyone go see this it will make you feel good and the laughter is good for the soul. He is fantastic!!!”. - YC

“Aaaaaaa omg…Ithamar was phenomenal, and (we) were not prepared for that ending and we both cried our faces off. He just grabs your attention from the start, and you don't want to look away or you'll miss something.” - DM

“I didn't know how badly I needed this show experience until it was over. Stray Cat Theatre and Ithamar's show was the tear-stained cheeks, belly aching laugh I needed this week. It's so nice to cry from laughter for a change. Ithamar's Got Nothing to Say is only here this weekend. I know funny, and trust me, this was perfection.” - NT