Sunday, October 15, 2023
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"Really enjoyed the play.  Very thought provoking." - JJ

"Go see Gloria at Stray Cat … one of the best I’ve seen in a while…if you don’t you’re missing out." - SL

“I finally made it last night and enjoyed every minute. Thank you for another one of your excellent performances.” - CH

"It was so fantastic!" - MM

“ Brilliant, thought-provoking, yes, and exceptional  theater.” - KS

"Don't miss it folks." - ET

"It was wonderful!!!  Congrats to everyone involved." - JL

"Very well done production. I was particularly impressed with Megan Holcomb’s performance. Truly top notch. The whole cast was excellent though." - CS

”Saw this production last night- cannot say enough. I think I need a massage to release the tension from this tight paced turbulent story. Just wow.” - CS

“It was seriously good.” - SI

"Earlier this year I discovered the works of Branden Jacobs-Jenkins and he has since become one of my favorite playwrights. Tonight I got to see one of his plays in action and it is everything I could have dreamed of. These are the types of shows I want to write. Thank you Stray Cat Theatre for an amazing performance!" - EM

“We saw Stray Cat Theatre’s Gloria last night surrounded by so many theatre friends. Sad we couldn’t see it sooner in the run and regret to say that the run closes this weekend. You have only 3 more opportunities to catch it. The direction by Dolores Mendoza is wonderful (big purrs also for our pal Nathan Spector as the AD). The design elements all work very nicely together, including some great work by fave Jessie Tully as the costumer. Ya’ll, when I say “this cast…” I am actually saying “THIS. CAST!” - not a weak link in the chain to be found with extra special purring for a turnout performance by Willa Eigo who is relentless and such a real person as Kendra, you may even swear you’ve worked with her somewhere before. Bonkers how SCT keeps pulling it out time and time again. Don’t miss your chance to catch this one.” - NG

"Another visceral, fascinating production at my favorite local theatre! No one does it like Stray Cat! The kittens provide a safe space for daring, refreshing, new shows that no other theatre is able to produce. The script is razor sharp and hits the nail square  on the head without preaching or condescending. Perfectly captures a generation and darkness we can all relate to. The characters are vivid and fully realized with actors at the top of their game. In particular, Willa Eigo and Megan Holcomb crafted masterclass honesty, focus, and variation. This will take your breath away. Do not miss a new classic, "Gloria" at Stray Cat Theatre playing until Sunday only at Tempe Center for the Arts #supportlocal #supportnew #daringtheatre" - ST

"Branden Jacobs-Jenkins is my favorite playwright so I have high standards for productions of his work. This production of Gloria RULES! Loved it from beginning to end!" - ND

"Last week to catch this show, and believe me, it is AMAZING!" - BC

"...and yet ANOTHER stray cat show that has managed to leave me absolutely speechless (and I'm not just saying that because I know some cool af people who have worked on it). GO SEE  THIS SHOW" - JW

"I saw Gloria last weekend, it was riveting, so well done and so relevant, exactly what you would expect from Stay Cat Theatre!" - DM

"This is one of the best plays I’ve seen in a LONG time. Perfectly cast. Expert direction. I loved it!" - AT

"Surprised in the best of ways. And beautiful connections from everybody in the cast." - VC

"My little sister just got out from it and is REELING. Thanks for fostering a consistent place I can send her to remind her of what theatre is capable of." - CW

“It was a great production! Very thought-provoking!” - BO

“Loved it!” - KS

“This was excellent. Funny, surprising, and yes, disturbing, but in a worthwhile way that was itself entertaining. Highly recommend.” - JB

“A riveting production with lots to say. GLORIA is full of surprises and well-worth seeing.” - RW

“Go see it…there was this warning posted and you’ll see on the website they suggest it more for an adult audience. But I’m so glad I took (my daughter)..It opened up some really interesting discussions on our way home and I’m amazed on how much she learned from this.”

“It was amazing! See it if you get the chance. Stray Cat hits it out of the park again.” - RW

“This is how I describe GLORIA: remember when you were a kid and you’d have a loose tooth and it would hurt to wiggle it, but it would also feel good? That’s how this show lands for me. It’s funny and cringey and smart and great storytelling masking a societal mirror. Plus, you know, an incredible cast (truly an ensemble effort) and amazing staging and direction.” - BU

“Date night...and had a wonderful time! If you enjoy the theater, please go see GLORIA By Branden Jacobs-Jenkins @straycattheatre through Oct 14th” - MS

“GLORIA is a "must see"!” - LR

“Timely and thought provoking!” - WV

“Act 1 is amazing and flawless! You sit down, blink your eyes and it’s intermission already! Amazing and thought provoking!!!!” - JM

"Saw “Gloria” by Stray Cat Theatre today at Tempe Center for the Arts, and it’s a powerful and moving production. The cast played their roles beautifully, some in more than one role. Excellent directing, and an “I did not see that coming “ story. Don’t miss it!" - LP

"Congratulations to @straycattheatre for always choosing work that asks difficult questions and provides a playground for talent. I will be thinking about this one for a long time… thanks to all my friends and colleagues involved with the production of Gloria by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins for your bravery and jumping in with both feet. #nospoilers - see it for yourselves - 2 more weekends" - BF

"I laughed. I cried. I felt. All the things that you should with a SCT show. Dolores Mendoza did a beautiful job directing this piece!" - AG

"It's fantastic! Riveting story, brilliant dialogue, wonderful actors! Theater at its best!" - AM

"Gloria” at Stray Cat Theatre opened last night in brilliant form. Thought provoking and sometimes shocking story (true of any stray cat show). The cast was superb, direction spot on and a wonderfully useful set design.  Put this one on your must see list." - DW

"Saw the Opening Night production of Gloria at Stray Cat Theatre last night. What a great season opener production. Moving, thought-provoking, disturbing and brilliantly acted show. Kudos to the actors who took on multiple, yet distinct shows with so much emotion and nuance. Have to single out Megan Holcomb, a gem of an actress who is always mesmerizing to watch. Thank you, Stray Cat’s Ron May and Louis Farber, for producing innovative theatre here in the Phoenix Valley!" - SH

"I had no idea what to expect. That literally took my breath away." - DT

"I apologize for the rant but I am picky ass theatre goer -- it's a behemoth task to get my gay ass out of my house and into an audience seat. I require a show that is textually deep and riveting, a show I haven't had the opportunity to see before (I love my city so much but if I see one more god damn Agatha Christie play, 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, or remount of Elf or Lady Day I'm going to lose it) and I also have to not be in debt $80+ dollars for a night of quality entertainment... (I'm looking at you, Phoenix Theatre).
"Gloria" at Stray Cat ticked every fucking box.
You'd be hard pressed to find a theatre around doing such ambitious and daring work (especially without Nearly Naked around). Brandon Jacobs-Jenkins script is so richly layered, detailed, and filled with scathing commentary on American's thirst for ambition in the 21st century. When I first read "Gloria" I laughed, cried, screamed "What the fuckity fuck?", and sat in solitary mental digestion of what the fuck I had just read. Maybe these are the reasons why bigger companies don't stage radical work like his; they're petrified of it. And they should be. It takes daring leadership to pick a piece such like Gloria, and even more courage to execute it from the ephemeral/intellectual into something tangible and real. Thank you, Dolores E. Mendoza, you brought us into this world and your vision beautifully. 
As an actor, this piece would terrify me to the point I would kill to take part in it. There is a reason Brandon Jacob-Jenkin's was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for this work (and for "Everybody")-- these characters are vividly painted with every flaw that comes along with humanity and boy are they in some seriously dramatic circumstances. Willa Eigo's performance was a standout-- she was a certifiable "C U Next Tuesday". Megan Holcomb's depth is performance between Gloria and Nan was also remarkable. For me though, Everett Pervall's Miles and Jonathan Hernandez as Lorin were the cherries on topped of this fucked up cake. Each were remarkable foils to the whirlwind of the other characters.
There's a lot of fucked up shit happening in the world and within the theatrical community; I'm a grade-A bitcher who could bitch up a storm on the topic but that doesn't change things. What does change things is supporting the theatre YOU want to see. I want to see more shows like Gloria. More companies daring to take artistic risks. More companies hiring local talent :')
 Go see this damn show." - EN

"Opening night and Arizona premiere of this play with a strong, thought-provoking subject! Stellar direction and such effective set design.  Casting was wonderfully executed! Each creative artist played their dual roles so well and seamlessly! Grateful for the inclusion of an Intimacy Coordinator, Monica Sampson, and amazing Fight Choreography by Rachelle Dart! Bravo Stray Cat Theatre" - LP

"Gloria was very well done and reflected on the back-stabbing world of office environments in this age." - LG