Sunday, May 7, 2023
by YOU - our audiences


"Go see this show…this show makes you think and it makes you feel like your story matters." - SL

"I am still processing the wild performance of Fairview at Stray Cat Theatre last night. It was a roller coaster of humor, anger, confusion, sadness, and hopefulness. It was unlike anything I have ever experienced at the theatre before. Daring, polarizing, and thrilling af. Thank you to Stray Cat Theatre and the bold leadership for everything they have brought to our community this season. Thank you for highlighting new, diverse performers, directors, writers, and collaborators. Thank you for making SPACE in an industry that has silenced, abused, and ignored BIPOC artistry, history, and storytelling. Congratulations to director Brianna Fallon for navigating a powerful script with humor, heart, and strength. Congrats to the diverse cast and crew for knocking it out of the park! Unfaltering from start to finish. No other theatre would have dared take on such a bold feat, only Stray Cat Theatre, and our community is lucky to have your leadership in this new era of theatre for social change. I am shook. Don’t miss your opportunity to see something groundbreaking in Arizona. And prepare yourself for a nail biting  finale you’ll never forget!" - ST

"Show was amazing." MJ

"Posing post show bliss with these gorgeous Queens after watching a poignant production of Fairview with Stray Cat Theatre. Congrats Brianna Fallon and the Fairview creative team on a fantastic production. This show has all the things I love in it. Great direction, fabulous costumes , one heck of a sound design ,( thank you SWV) a wonderful set LITERALLY put together by some of my most favorite people, one of the best stage managers in the universe, AND a cast that is READY to EAT this material . As this season concludes, I am grateful to Ron May and the team at Stray Cat Theatre that continues to provide quality programming that challenges their audiences, as well centering the season in support of the community. Congratulations to all!" - CB

"Went for round 2 last night. Only 3 more chances to see this amazing show!! Congrats to all involved!" - MH

"This is an amazing play. Thought provoking, beautifully done, very talented cast. A great performance tonight!" - LP

"An experience not to be missed” is spot on. I experienced it last night. It’s mind-bending, eye-opening, balls-out honest and hysterically funny! The acting is sublime, the directing is tight and exciting, and the effects are lingering. I’m still processing and enjoying it….like a yummy taste in my mouth. Go! Go see it. Make sure theatre like this stays solid and keeps coming." - RR

"Please go see!!! Initially quite Funny but ultimately provocative theatre." - AG

"Great production!" - JP

"I saw Fairview tonight. I really enjoyed it! And I watched half of it almost peeking thru my fingers." - CW

"Congratulations on an excellent production." - EB

"Incredible show. Please see this hefore it closes." - AB

"After a bit of confusion and a burst of chaos, I sat in the audience toward the end of the show and here's what I'll say:
I feel seen. 
As I left the theatre, I felt like I could walk a little taller; a little prouder. 
That’s all I’ll say about my experience with Stray Cat Theatre's rendition of The Pulitzer-Winning Play 'Fairview' by Jackie Sibblies Drury at Tempe Center for the Arts.
Go. You see it. 
Tell me how it is for you.
(Thanks Ron May for creating space)." - EK

“What a powerful production…It’s gift to live in a city overflowing with local talent!” - CC

"Just saw Fairview. Love, love, loved it! Thank you for bringing it to the Valley! Exactly what theatre should be: Thoughtful, creative, entertaining. Fabulous production! Don't miss it!" - AC

"Good, thought-provoking theatre." - RM

"A provocative play worth seeing. Full of surprises." - RW

"This show hit me so hard. I also read it in advance but was not prepared for the way it would make me feel. The way I would question myself every time." - DS

"It's FANTASTIC! ENGAGING! A true theatrical experience!" - AM

"I have a million words about FAIRVIEW…but I’m aiming for brevity:  Unexpected.  I read it, and I still wasn’t expecting it. There is a point in the show that literally makes my heart feel like it wants to escape my chest...I nearly burst into tears at the end when [redacted. you have to come see it.] I want you to have that feeling too…Please don’t miss it." - BU

"It was so great. During the last scene a lady sitting next to us said, "I didn't come here to be lectured" 
That made me happy.
I was smiling with tears streaming down my face. Thank you for this show. Thank you for this season. It was beautiful and moving and memorable." - TV

"I went to see 'Fairview' at Stray Cat Theatre last night.  A very well done,  poignant piece of theatre...more than that, it's an experience not to be missed!  Congrats to all involved!!!" - CC

"At FAIRVIEW today and STEEL MAGNOLIAS last night. Two exceedingly different plays and productions but I enjoyed them both...Yay theatre! Make me laugh and cry and think and feel." - BJF


"This Program will be held in my important papers forever. If you go see this and you must! I am pretty sure it's going to wow you, and ignite and shake you, and you will laugh too along with your audience companions.  Theatre at its best. I do love Stray Cat. Thank you Stray Cat and all the lovely artists  involved." - DL