Sunday, December 3, 2023
Curtain Up Phoenix


We all know how true the cliché “Behind all great men are several women” is and that’s exactly what “Potus: or Behind Every Great Dumbass Are Seven Women Trying to Keep Him Alive,” gleefully and wackily proves in the spot-on Stray Cat Theatre production.  Katie McFadzen’s briskly paced and hysterically funny production proves the show’s title artfully.

Beyond McFadzen’s hilariously madcap but insightful staging of Selina Fillinger’s blithely entertaining script are seven comically gifted performers who bring the play to biting but inane hilarity.

Lydia Corbin is the realistic First Lady who feels she can do nothing about her philandering hubbie. Shari Watts is the senior advisor who wisely organizes and structures the group.  Alison Campbell is the morally bereft mistress who worries more about her loins than any semblance of upstanding morality. The rest of the cast playfully enact other advisors and confidantes with the perfect mix of reality and frisky malarkey.

Without Stray Cat Theatre’s wonderful forays into scripts not usually presented by other Valley theater companies, they can always be relied upon to bring interesting stage fare here.  And in the case of “Potus…” they introduce welcome political hilarity to the area when many other local theaters stick to traditional holiday fare.

Grade: A