hey there cats and kittens.

boy oh boy do we ever miss you.

we are wishing and hoping that this terrible no-good zombie plague will subside in time for fall of 2021 in order for us to move forward with what will be our 20th anniversary season.

obviously we have to wait and see what the world has in store.

be sure that as soon as we know - we will let you know!

for now, if you need a stray cat fix coming up - our head kitty is directing a brand new virtual production of HEDDATRON at Arizona State University running for only THREE performances the weekend of March 19th. tickets are only $10 and if you thought the robots in the stray cat production were something - just wait until you see what this new production has in store!

we'll link more information right here as it becomes available.

we are still active on instagram and facebook @straycattheatre so join us while we - like you - try and navigate our way through all this.

much love and purring from the entire litter.

until we see you again...