SHEEPDOG artwork
Kevin Artigue
Louis Farber


A desperate search for truth - but whose truth is the truth?

A thrilling new chamber drama that feels almost frighteningly ripped from today’s newspapers from an incredible new voice in the American theatre. Amina and Ryan are both officers on the Cleveland police force. Amina is black. Ryan is white. They are falling deeply and passionately in love. When an officer-involved shooting roils the department, small cracks in their relationship widen into a chasm of confusion and self-doubt. A fusion of mystery and love story with blisteringly high stakes and no easy answers, SHEEPDOG fearlessly examines police violence, interracial love, and class tensions in the 21st century.

“A bang-up, must-see and intensely emotional [play]…85 heart-stopping minutes…all of the parties involved in police reform, from the mayor on down, should sit down and watch together.” - Chicago Tribune