Sunday, October 16, 2022
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"It was such an INCREDIBLE SHOW!!!!" AA

"It really was one of those pieces of theatre that stays with you." - HRH

"Alejandra Luna this show is a TRIUMPH!! ¡Felicidades!' - BW

"Bravo to Stray Cat Theatre for producing- Ghosts of Bogota by Diana Burbano!  A delightful evening. Congratulations Alejandra Luna, Natalie Payán, Greta Skelly, and Giselle Torres and all the cast and creatives. #Latineprogramming #GhostsofBogota #straycattheatre" - ME

"Live, local theater.  Go.  Take a friend or a family member.  Quickly. 
As for this Stray Cat Theatre production of “Ghosts of Bogotá”, get a ticket and get there. 
There are many superlative things to say about the actors, the direction, the set, the lighting and the costuming (I’m looking at you Jesus).
But what makes Ghosts thoroughly compelling is its storytelling. All of those components work to tell a story rich in tradition but also deeply scarred by generations of abuse.  It’s a story in which every actor, every light cue and every set piece was integral. Each and all told it superlatively.  
I love musical theater.  But I love to be challenged in my thinking and in my feels by plays like Ghosts.  
As someone familiar with grief, I am often reminded how terrible we are at it culturally in this country.  We observe a few days and get right back to our lives.  Ghosts reminds us that who we are is so much about who we have lost.  Loathed or loved, our forefathers and foremothers are not just memories but integral to how we live everyday.  We need stories like Ghosts. We need theaters to be bold like Stray Cat.  And we really need more stories in which we are not only whisked off to new places (Bogota) but into new worlds of culture, religion, comedy, tradition, trauma, and languages that are not our own (or are they really so unknown?).
Excellent work to the cast and crew of Ghosts.  And To Stray Cat, I can’t wait until the next story.   This season is off to a big start. 
The rest of you, you have two shows left to grab a ticket. 
Now, where my phone at?" - JRW

"Seriously one of the best theatre pieces I've seen in a while." - NE

"An amazing show! So intricate and fascinating! Don’t miss out!" MH

"The whole production was so great! " - VC

"A phenomenal show with a phenomenal director and cast." - NA

"Quite the theatre week…featuring a disturbing yet hilarious production at Stray Cat on Thursday (Ghosts of Bogota)…" - MS

"Loved the show! The cast was brilliant." - HC

"Everyone. Go see this show!" - AG

“Jesus had me falling out of my chair. I cackled like a witch.” - KM

"I had the privilege of seeing Stray Cat's latest production. This is the first in an entire season of work written and directed by BIPOC artists. It did not disappoint! I highly encourage everyone to see this show and the rest of this fantastic season!” - JD

"This show is soooo good! I was entranced! Still thinking about many moments today. Congrats to the cast and crew!" - KH

"Ghosts of Bogotá is a must see. The juxtaposition of family honoring tradition and culture mired in trauma vs. modern day ability to face the trauma by breaking the cycle of abuse using the power we have within ourselves is a lesson in culture, heritage, and tradition; and that ability to be the change for future generations." - DB

"Go see Ghosts of Bogotá by Diana Burbano at Stray Cat only through Oct 15. Saw Friday nite and what a great opening! For myself it was such a creative, provocative production. Dark and then made more powerful and emphatic with humor and turns along the way.  Great acting, props were fantastic along with gorgeous, detailed set design, and the delivery of the intent of the play by the actors AND heartfelt Congrats and Bravo to Stray Cat Theatre for its 21st season. Advancing of intentional, challenging theatre and its continued mission in offering off-center and great plays; and this season of true response to voices of BIPOC artists and audiences in the the Valley. Stray Cat continues to make me personally "lifted" and renewed in its determination and action for difference, understanding, and opportunity. Support Stray Cat and its first show of its 21st Season. 21st!" - DL

"Another very interesting production of Stray Cat theatre. A topical and serious subject, but with plenty of laughs." - BO

"Stray Cat’s production of GHOSTS OF BOGOTÁ was a blast. I laughed. I was in awe. There are classic one liners that I will be using forever. I didn’t know what to expect walking in, but by the time I walked out…I’m glad I didn’t know. Cause it made the ride that much more fascinating and enjoyable. Don’t believe me or maybe you do…either way, get down to Tempe Center of the Arts to see what Stray Cat has conjured up." - MT

"I forgot to take a pic the day of but I was telling my wax tech about it at my appointment this morning and she's excited to see it so that makes up for it, right?So uh yeah this show is now one of my favorites. Literally EVERYTHING about this show was *chefs kiss* I'm real bad with words but for real go see it! It's a perfect spoopy season show!  Alejandra Greta Shelly Giselle (also the others!!) Congrats on the opening weekend (I know its not done *yet* but yknow) The rest of the run will be just as amazing!!!" - CS

"#shoutout to @straycattheatre for bringing Diana Burbano’s complex and pain-fueled and love-filled play to Arizona." -  BI

"There are so many things I have to say about how our current production of GHOSTS OF BOGATÁ leaves me feeling. But I can’t because I like people to roll in and have their own experiences. It’s the finest work I’ve seen Shelly Trujillo do, and if you miss her in this, you are missing something beautiful.  Again, so many feelings." - BU

"Loved it! Two fantastic plays in one month! Last night, David and I drove from Prescott to see your production of "Ghosts of Bogota," by the amazing Diana Burbano. This is the kind of quirky, intoxicating theatre that can draw (and did) a young multi-cultural audience to a literary genre mostly attended by older white folk--a play that asks compelling questions. What a breath of fresh air. How quirky? Diana (per the play's dialogue) might not have wanted to write a play in magical realism, but it kinda is. Suffice it to say that one of the characters is a disembodied live head of Jesus. Brush up on your Spanish before you go. Here's what NPR says about the script: "A beautiful and heartbreaking dark comedy centering around three siblings, late 20s to late 30s, who return to their parents’ birth country when their grandfather dies. A universal story about family secrets told through a very specific Latinx lens and a story about that unique immigrant experience of never feeling fully at home in any country that can claim you. Wickedly humorous at times, gut-wrenching at others.” - MS

"Beautiful play and performances" - AG

"Enjoyed this wonderful show last night! Great script, outstanding cast and a really great overall production. Serious topic, sprinkled with a lot of very, very funny moments. Bravo to cast and crew!" - PT

"Quite an interesting play about family, dysfunction, secrets, culture and the inevitable drama! Kudos on stellar directing Alejandra Luna! "- LP

"Just got out of seeing Ghosts of Bogotá at Stray Cat Theatre . Way to kick off the season. What a wild, funny, bizarre, and absolutely beautiful show. Congrats to everyone involved, especially Alejandra Luna, I'm so proud of the work you have done, felicidades!!!" - CC

"I saw "Ghosts Of Bogota" at Stray Cat Theatre- opening night. It's hilarious and it's dark. The work is brave and bold from the whole company. Go see. Plays through October 15 @ TPAC." - ML