Redeem Addict Admit Pass Code

If you are a season ticket holder, or if you have otherwise received an Addict Admit Pass Code, please go to our Online Box Office and enter your Pass Code (included in your confirmation email or letter) in the field labeled “If you have a Coupon Code or a Pass Code, enter it here”.

You can then go through the Online Box Office just as if you were purchasing tickets, but when you check out with your Pass Code applied, you will see that your total amount due is $0.00 (for as many tickets as you have available on that Pass Code).

If you do not enter your Pass Code at the main Online Box Office screen, you will have another opportunity to do so at the Ticket Purchase screen after you click Checkout.

If you run into trouble, SCT staff can always help you through the process or we can process the request for you. Please call 480 634 6435 or email tickets [at] and let us know what name the Addict Admits are under, which performance you would like to attend, and how many tickets you would like.