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Monday, December 4, 2017
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Mercury at Stray Cat is hysterical and terrifying and touching. Pretty stellar performances and some wonderful heart thumpy moments. - CD

Another bizarre and brilliant play by Steve Yockey, directed by Ron May. It is the newest play from the writer of "Octopus," "Wolves," and "Pluto," all of which Stray Cat has produced, all of which were directed by Ron May, and all of which we loved. "Mercury" is no exception. It is a pitch black comedy that has an illicit affair, a couple hanging on by a thread, bears at the window, and an adorable missing dog named Mr. Bundles. Be prepared for twists and turns, both comical and bloody. This is not a play for the faint of heart, but it is beautifully directed with a cast that is outstanding. - BO

If you're into smart edgy theatre, you're in for a treat. This production is superb. - RW

I loved the show so much that I think I scared Brooke. And also kiiiiinda want to see it again. - KC

Ok so let me tell y’all something. If you miss Mercury at Stray Cat are missing some seriously kick ass theatre. I’m still trying to wrap my head around everything...The set ALONE is worth the ticket get a bonus seeing some of the most spectacular talent in the valley. Get your tickets! - MT

If The Twilight Zone had been produced for HBO, there'd be episodes like this. Probably with a lot of Bosco syrup and more of Rod Serling than I want to see... Bravo, Ron May and all the cast and designers of "Mercury"! Fellow lovers of dark comedy, Don't miss this one! - BS

Great, weird, wild show! - DD

Loved the show!!   Extremely entertaining!! - ER

I saw it and thought it was spectacular! - RS

...I fucking LOVED Mercury - top play, top was so reassuring to watch something that excellent here!  Keep doing what your doing, the people here need to know theatre doesn't need to be cuddly and safe! - JC

So Mercury over at #straycattheatre is a bloody awesome show. You'll laugh, you'll groan, you'll wish you'd paid more attention to your newspaper horoscopes so you might know what retrograde actually means. Go go go and go again. Also, the show contains what may be the single coolest entrance I've witnessed onstage. Exeunt followed by a- but as a wise man once said, "don't take my word for it!" Did I mention you should go? - SW

Steve Yockey I don’t know you, but I saw the show a few days ago. The performances were beautiful, but the writing was stunning, so thank you. - DD

GO SEE MERCURY! It my favorite Stray Cat Theatre show - besides the one I was in - and that’s saying A LOT! Seriously fucking great everyone. I urge you not to miss dis! - OC

Dear Arizona. GO SEE MERCURY AT Stray Cat Theatre. HOLY THEATRE MAGIC. – ND

Everyone needs to go see this play!!!!! This play was fantastic from start to finish, the best play I’ve seen in a long time. It had great laughs, good emotions, and fantastic acting. If you’re looking for something completely different and unexpected check it out! – EH

Look into my do not want to miss the weird and wonderful, petty and profound, challenging and ultimately strangely inspiring world conceived by Steve Yockey, brought to life at Tempe Center for the Arts by Ron May and Stray Cat Theatre. Three weeks, everyone. Go – BJF

Once upon a time, there was a theater company that put on contemporary, “edgier” works. It showcased up and coming playwrights, mentored actors, and became known throughout the Valley as a great place to see shows. And tonight Stray Cat previewed Steve Yockey’s MERCURY and holy shit you guys: the fairy tale continues to be reality. I can’t even tell you how much I love it. Smart, funny, and filled with performances that stay with you. Come see. Best gift you will give yourself this season. – BU

The play was excellent. What a great piece of work. – PW

I don't get out much these days. But I always make a point to catch a Stray Cat Theatre show. Especially a Steve Yockey show like Mercury. Tonight was a joy! Wonderful performances by the cast and crew! Catch this of you're in the Phoenix area! – TS

Mercury is unforgettable! Original, provocative, funny and dark. Acting is phenomenal. One of my faves for sure! – JT

congratulations to Stray Cat Theatre on a phenomenal show that I was lucky enough to see last night! happy official opening of MERCURY tonight!!!! Michael Peck has the most hilarious stage entrance, and also there’s a bear. a BEAR. I just... go see it. – CW

So I've been waiting to see this production since Stray Cat did a reading of it a couple years ago. It's an ambitious piece, both technically and dramatically, requiring a strong cast and a stellar crew to make it work. I was pleased that some of the actors from the staged reading reprised their roles, and the new additions brought a delightful, fresh energy. Laura Anne and Samantha Hanna play neighbors Pamela and Heather, navigating awkwardness after a fight and discussing the whereabouts of Heather's cute little dog. Cole Brackney Wandelear and Ian White play a couple living outside Portland, arguing about having had to leave the city and what that means for their future. Heather Lee Harper plays a curiosity shopkeeper who sells items provided by her boyfriend Sam (Michael Peck), but is looking for independence and the best way to stand her ground. Finally, the impeccable Shari Watts plays Olive, a meddling lady who is always looking for a beautiful solution to whatever problem is at hand. Full disclosure, this play is fucking weird, but like all of Steve Yockey's work, it's weird in all the best ways. Normal, everyday moments end up escalating into surreal confrontations. Comedy is wrought from notions of betrayal, hysteria, the prospect of damnation, and the insidious desire for revenge. Oh yeah, and blood. A good amount of it. All of the actors get moments to shine: Pamela's introduction with a bottle of scotch and Sam's appearance in the second half stand out in particular. Ultimately, the feeling I was left with was the play is way funnier than the subject matter really ought to be. So if you like surreal horror-comedy, this show has it in spades. Go buy tickets! – ET

The acting stuck with me after tonight's opening of Mercury by Steve Yockey. So much so, that I had a lonely chuckle-fest as I sat at a red light. Straycat did it...again. Ron May assembled a dream cast with Heather Lee Harper, Samantha Hanna and Cole Brackney Wandelear...and God damn does Michael Peck kill it. It was just opening night, and things can only get better. Seriously. Go. See. This. – NT

I just saw the opening of Mercury at #StrayCatTheatre. This show had me on the edge of my seat one moment, laughing another, and shouting nooooooo another second. I highly recommend this adventure! Really amazing show. - JLG

Such a great production that everyone needs to go see! - BC

Saw "Mercury" tonight...Opening night of Stray Cat Theater's latest live theater production. On stage at Tempe Theater Performing Arts. Best $30...for awesome seats in intimate theater. Be prepared for language, a little nudity, and incredibly great acting within an amazing story line. Get out, go, and experience!  OMG, great theater. Need to add...took me, 84 year old mom, 2 daughters and daughter in law in "20's. We all loved it…so if you are local, and you appreciate indie...go. - ME

Congrats all involved on a great show; and friends - go see this one! – LC

So yesterday I decided to have a day of entertainment and it started with a visit to the movies. I saw Justice League, overall it's okay. DC seems to do a decent job of casting but always lacks in the script department. They have so many amazing storylines and villains but never really utilize any.
After the movies I had to rush home so I could get ready to see a show at Stray Cat.
The show: Mercury.
The subpar feelings left with me from Justice League were elevated to feelings of joy, hilarity, and fetishizing terror. I don't want to say much but if you are looking for something that is one part The Revenant, one part Rob Zombie, and one part It's Wonderful Life, then please go give Mercury a try. Stray Cat continues to amaze.
#straycattheatre #mercury #cursedbooks #crazyoldladies #bears – CN

MERCURY is amazing at Stray Cat Theatre! That feeling you get when you get off a roller coaster? It’s like that. Great performances in a bold, brilliant, unpredictable play. - JP

Mercury was fantastic! – DL

Loved Steve Yockey's Mercury last night! The combination of explosive relationships and [REDACTED BECAUSE SPOILER ALERT] is a winner! And what a ride that was! Mercury is an amazing blend of relationship angst, sarcastic humor, and [REDACTED BECAUSE AGAIN, SPOILER ALERT!]  all rolled up in a 90 minute extravaganza! It was great! Way to go Steve! - PG

Congrats all around to everyone at the delightfully dark and cautionary Mercury!!! - DC

Caught the matinee of Stray Cat Theatre's stunning production of Mercury (definitely one to check out if you have the chance!) - HS

MERCURY is the bomb, so much technical, so much content...MeRcury is another Zoni win for Ron May.  Whew!! - JBS

Another great play by the Stray Cat Crew. What are you waiting for get ur asses down there and see this play! - DF

I had to just tell you how wonderful it was to see quality theatre while I was in town. Went to see Mercury today at Stray Cat Theatre, what a killer show. Steve Yockey and Ron May bring this show to life with a wonderful cast, and beautiful set. Thank you for a wonderful afternoon! – ACD

I saw Mercury twice this weekend as it was total theatre magic. If you’re in Phoenix, please go see it by December 9th! – SW

I saw this today and it was fantastic! - RS